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FortKnox's Journal: Trolling Population Re-Directed? 9

Journal by FortKnox
Read this comment.

Apparently, trol^H^H^H^Hpeople that post auto -1 are only allowed to post twice a day.

Now, this may seem good (No more crapflooding! Yay!), but I think this may do more harm than good.

I think we'll see a rise in the amount of troll accounts. This is pretty much a form of censoring. Trolls can't redeem their accounts (what if my first post ever gets me knocked down to auto -1? How can I get my respect back if I can't post??).

The worst problem, though, is that they'll just start posting as AC (score:0). Its a lot easier to deal with logged in trolls, make them your foes, and keep them at -1 than having to sort through them to see legit AC posts that add to the conversation. Why not allow the subculture to scour down at -1? Its easier to contain them there!
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Trolling Population Re-Directed?

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  • currently the highest uid in the system is 593072. In a week or so, we'll see where that number is. Unfortunately, we dont know what that number was a week ago, so we dont know what the normal rate of new users is. But if we see a large number of new uids being trolls, then we can get a general idea of how many new troll uids there are.
  • AFAIK you can't get knocked down to auto -1 on your first post.
  • I'm sure that there will always be people surfing at -1 to mod up. So, although it's unlikely that people will be able to recover, it isn't impossible. They could always start a new account. As for all the new troll accounts, and anonymous posts, you can avoid them by reading at +2.

    Yes, I'm sure that there will be ways to break the system, but it is an improvement.

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