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Something Joey Said This Evening

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  • Or get him his own slashdot account.
  • The weather here in the Ohio valley is nuts, moreso than normal this year IMHO.
  • Danny: Don't rake all the leaves daddy. They'll know.
  • "You dressed up all nice, but you're still the same pain in the ass!"

    Oh, wait, that was Joey Tribbiani.

    I just love that show "Joey"!!

    • I just love that show "Joey"!!

      Please, please, please tell me that was a joke. Please? I'm admittedly not a TV person, but anytime I was subjected to even the little coming soon ads for that show I cringed. (Only reason I saw them was they were running during the Olympics I think.) The limit of awful over funny in those ads approached infinity, regardless of variable held constant. To portray that tripe as comedy should be a crime. Despite the constant laugh track in the ads there was nothing to laugh at, e

      • No, it's not high comedy like Python or dark comedy or cereberal comedy. But it's good "take your brain out and laugh" comedy. Last night's had a head scratcher moment, but for the most part, it's just something funny to watch and laugh at.

        Me? I'm a Full House snob (I've apologised to people from other countries for it - probably the worst show ever on TV), not to mention plenty of other TV. But for the raunch-fest that Friends became, Joey is a nice sitcom. I don't recall the ads enough to rebut that. :)

        • Well, I'm not going to hate you or anything for it. Personally I don't care. I was just kind of hoping, with the double bang and all, that it was a joke. Because I didn't even crack a half smile or find anything humorous about the ads, which was how I thought they were selling it, apart from having a Friends star.

          I guess take your brain out and laugh humor has always been either somewhat absurdest or physical humor in my book. Like The Stooges or Chaplin. Yep, pie to the face is funny you don't have to thin

          • Yeah, I suppose it's not quite slapstick most of the time, though. I suppose it's also because it's a character I'm familiar with, so I'm not "learning" about the character. There are funny moments and some sweet moments. Perhaps I'm choosing familiarity over really funny.

            Then again, I do have all those Mr. Bean DVDs to go through as well.

            I guess I'm not a comedy purist. I appreciate all types of comedy. As long as they're funny, that is. I'm the first to say when something's not funny. I couldn't stand

            • Eh, whatever works. Everybody's funny doesn't have to match, but I find laugh tracks annoying, especially at failed gags. The ads I saw for Joey were trying way too hard to build up that this character could be funny on his own, because he was wacky, when it appeared to me to just be falling apart. I'm vaguely familiar with the character, but it just wasn't working. But whatever, it's unimportant.

              Everything else you list that I'm familiar with I'll agree has some good funny. I think Python is pretty much th

    • Yay! Now people can get off my ass for watching Sex and the City. Joey? ZOMFG!!!111oneoneone
  • He wouldn't trust a tinfoil hat made by anyone else anyways.
    • Yeah. I make mine with a triple layer of finest aluminum foil to catch any possible microscopic tears in any individual layer. That's craftsmanship, I tell you.



      • Just make sure it's tin [] Aluminium-foil doesn't block the mind control rays as well...
        • Aluminium-foil doesn't block the mind control rays as well...

          Psssst! That's what they want you to think!


          Ethelred "Why no, I've not yet had a lobotomy" Unraed

          • Wrap the Aluminum in Tin, with in inner core of Gold.
            • Wrap the Aluminum in Tin, with in inner core of Gold.

              Al + Sn + Au? Elementally, my dear Watson.

              I'll be here all week!



              • Actually, I believe the best protection from the government is a Gold layer, a layer with Nitrogren and Argon gas, a layer of Carbon, Yttrium. That pretty much blocks any mind-reading rays, plus, it's more fashionable than Tin.

                Yes, it's Au+N+Ar+C+Y.
                • Actually, the magic layer is silver. Why else do you think wealthy people have "silver"ware?? It's to deactivate the receptors in their fillings. It's also why Nixon was the greatest president EVAR! By taking us off the silver standard, it allowed private citizens access to much more silver. Nixon was a true man of the people. Why else do you think so much money was spent by the Evil Kennedys to defeat the man?
                • Of course, I've even heard of using electric current and a velostat bag to try to create enough interfearance to block the waves, but since I'm pretty much naturally immune to mind control I don't need the tinfoil hat etc.. They actually tried to put about a pound of mercury in my head to try and make me more receptive to mind control. It failed miserablly.
  • teach him how to build one. Why? Becasuse if you didn't make it yourself, the government has arranged for a defective one to be sold to you.

    Gosh, I've got a paranoid streak, and it's THIS wide!
  • I'm thinking SlashDot editor myself. Does he constantly point out the same thing again and again too?
  • Take the cloud's side.
  • My kids have made the same statements about clouds and the moon when we were driving. The conversation was basically about how the moon and/or clouds were following us. Then I would tell them that they weren't really, it just looked that way. And then 'the moon is tricking us' or something similar.

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