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FortKnox's Journal: Football: My last post till next season

I somewhat feel for Indy last year. The Pats knew that the refs do a little inconsistent thing. They 'let them play' in the postseason, instead of making their normal calls. This is why they mugged the Indy recievers last year.

This year, they play a blitzing defense. So, of course, they hold the shit outta them... but not a single damn holding penalty.

Regardless, I'm not gonna say that's why we lost. We lost cause of points over turnovers, period. I'm not upset at Big Ben (but, boy, was my wife). Lets face it... its his first year in a looong looong career with the Steelers. In a year or two, maybe he can come back and do it again, this time the right way.

Well, at least we lost to the superbowl winners (sorry philly, I don't think you have a snowballs chance). And that's the last we'll hear of this 'dynasty' crap. Weis, gone... Crennel, I'm actually a bit upset will be going to cleveland, cause I know he'll do a hell of a job. Belichick will make sure the D is still good (maybe not premier, but good), but the loss of Weis is a hard hit. He's the offense. Belichick is a defensive guy... he doesn't have a great history with offenses. Weis was his right hand man. And boy will Notre Dame look different next year (he's got the O... Rick Minter has the D. That's some serious game right there).

Anywho, I'm turning off commenting, cause right now I don't wanna hear it. Feel free to comment in this eloquently written JE from Keith Russel.

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