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VA Escapes the Maws of Fate... for now

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  • I hate to be so morose, but if I had any sort of disposable income right now in my portfolio, I'd short that into the ground. The future just doesn't bode well for them, and hasn't since they sold off the hardware business.

  • if i'm reading the link correctly, they opened at .89 this morning, and currently are at 1.0438 cost per share. I dont think they're gonna hold water much longer as being unless some miracle happens. One thing that I noticed was their symbol being LNUX. Why not something that more matches their company name? Something like VALS or VALX (of course, those might be taken already).
    • .....and sell LNUX to Torvalds for a few million bucks.

      That should provide enough cash to VA Soft. for another head above the water, until the big one :->
  • While taking out the trash one night Taco found a dime by the dumpster. He put that down in the books, so they have made some income this quarter.

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