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FortKnox's Journal: NWN Ships? $54.99? WHAAA!!! 2 2

Never Winter Nights is now shipping. EB is selling it for $54.99. And I have to wait for it to go down in price :-(.

Stupid hospital bills. Bioware is in a conspiracy to make sure I don't get that game for a looong time.

Who wants to donate to the FortKnox wants a copy of NeverWinter Nights foundation? ;-)

I guess it isn't all that bad. According to the latest Player vs Player it looks like people will need to learn the system well before any good campaigns are made online.
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NWN Ships? $54.99? WHAAA!!!

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  • Maybe you can try it [cd.image.clonecd] before you buy ? By the time you will have tried the game extensively, your funds will have replenished allowing you to buy the game. Or is it just me being a pervert and giving people bad ideas :)

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