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FortKnox's Journal: Kuro5hin on the way out... 8

Journal by FortKnox
It looks as if Kuro5hin.org, once affiliated with OSDN is broke. Rusty is calling for a "last call" to get subscription money to help pay for the site (with a few other options), but the outlook is bleak. Another dot-com bust? Is having a weblog-community a hobby-only type job? Is is just the recession, or is that what the web-log communities have come to? How will slashdot fare (VA stock isn't looking very good recently, and only a few more weeks until de-listment)?
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Kuro5hin on the way out...

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  • I think I've got an account there but rarely (never?) log in.

    For one I don't like the site layout (Scoop), even if the generated HTML is so much cleaner than Slash.

    • The diaries are the best part. Most of the stories on the front page are just rants written by some sophmore at Podunk University who thinks that because he took POL110 he can be an authority on world events.
  • The content is only very rarely interesting. I wish him luck. Heck, if I weren't flat broke, I'd pitch in a few bucks, even if I don't like it.

    Yikes! Just checked the stock trend. Yup. Methinks VA is going to be an OTC stock very soon...

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