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FortKnox's Journal: I'm Back 1

Journal by FortKnox
Back from the business trip, mostly caught up with everything and enjoying the time at home. Joey still has that 'old man who smoked too many cigarettes' voice from the croup. Sometimes he sounds silly, but when he cries he sounds sooo pathetic.

The trip was fun, had a good time, learned a lot... found out this trip may be just what I expected... a move higher into the company is a very real possibility (like an important role, not just a 'senior consultant' type move). Here's hoping. Anywho, I zipped through the messages I had and mostly skimmed, so if I missed something important, I'm sorry.

On the football side of things, if anyone saw the Steelers/Bengals game you have to have noticed the Year Two future of the Bengals did much much poorer than the Year One (rookie) future of the Steelers. Man does Roethlisburger have a gun for an arm! Granted, he has the best trio of recievers to throw to and a solid running and defense to sit behind, but he still is playing much better than any rookie. Also, this whole year the announcers have been saying one name consistently: "Troy Polymalu" (spelled that wrong)... the kid is EVERYWHERE on the field. Really going to be a major playmaker!
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I'm Back

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  • by metlin (258108) *
    His name is Troy Polamalu :-)

    How've you been, it's been a while! Just thought I'd drop in and say a hello...

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