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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I HATE YOU ALL AND WISH YOU WERE DEAD! 16

Naw, I'm just kidding.

Just needed an outburst. So many people takin today off for a four day weekend. So I'm stuck here making long distance calls to people who WISHED they were on vacation while on a completely dead floor of empty cubicles. I could make a horror flick on this level... where are all the people?!?!?!
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  • I'm here. And will continue as such for the next 1.5-ish hours. Blah.

    Enjoy the pre-holiday working!
  • But, I've had terrible wrist pain all week, geeting at most 3 hours of sleep a night, and last night I accidently fell asleep with my TENS on and now I have electrical burns on my arm. Not a good combination.

    Trust me, this ain't no vacatoin, bub.
    • Must be a central PA thing. My wrist has been killing me since before the 4th hof July ... course, I broke it and didn't get it taken care of until 2 weeks ago. It was either a cast or play softball. I went 37 for 44 with 5x HR, 8x 3b, 16x 2b and the remainder in singles. I call it a worth the pain :)

    • yowch!!!!!

      definitely not a good combination.

      *concern for you*

  • On the inside.

    I hope you're happy.

    Real happy.
  • I'm supposed to get "teh cable modem install" today (which will consist of "Cutting" me a new coax cable, calling in to the central office with my MAC address, and giving me a user name (C110923DS) to connect with. Then waiting for CO to "turn on" my MAC address) between 5 and 8 pm!!

    No one is gonna show up!
  • by Judg3 (88435)
    I have the day off - but I *did* come in at 3:30am yesterday and work until 5pm. And I also had to take 4 hours of PTO, but hey, I'm still off!

  • Am I on your list or what, I took a five day vacation!

    But like GWB it is a working vacation, I'm re-doing my irrigation system around my house.

    Still up for DC on Saturday night? How about around 9:30 your time?
  • I'd like to rub this in their face, I have an office - and there is an office of the same size next door. 12 people work in that office, and only me in mine!

    (might have something to do with there being 32 computers around me at any one time)
  • _The_Quiet_Earth_, 1985
    New Zealand, Directed by G. Murphy.
    Spooky. No, spookeier that that. Really. As frightening/gripping to watch as Stephen King's _The_Stand_ was to read. Warning:resist the temptation to turn up the volume after the start of the movie.
    • oh really? Ever seen the TV series based on the book (the stand)? Its terrible special effects, but pretty close representation.

      I'll checkout the quite earth, though.
      • Yes, I did see it ( a further hint towards my actual age )and oh, it was awful. Pathetic. The general public's impression of Mr. King went down several unnecessary notches. And to save you a bundle of hassle, it is THE quiet EARTH.

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