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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot, Master of Graphic Design! 18

If you think the games section was bad, just look at the IT section.

Seriously, Taco & Co need to take some more css/graphic design classes... or get OSDN to hire a graphic designer to fix the sections up a bit.

I'm not graphic designer, but, damn, I'm not that bad.

FYI - don't go to the IT section for too long. You'll have a horrendous headache and be temporarily blind for a few hours.
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Slashdot, Master of Graphic Design!

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  • I'm colorblind and that still hurt :(

  • We'll charitably call the color beige, and ignore the fact that it's ugly to start with.

    But white text on a light beige gradiant?

    Beige text on slightly lighter beige background?

    What, couldn't they figure out how to use the blink tag? No budget for animated GIF's?
  • I always wanted to have to dictate my comments to a secretary*. And because of you and the slashcrew, now I can!


    *I had to fire my old one, she tried to seduce me with a nice Chianti once
  • Maybe CT needs to pay her to look over the site once in a while and fix things that might result in users harming their keyboards by regurgitating on them.
  • the games section colors...
  • by nizo (81281)
    I went and looked at the sections at my first thought was, "What, they look fine" for a second or two, and then I remembered I am using the low-graphics no color view.....
  • No, really I do. It looks a darn sight better on my monitor at home than it did at work. Okay, it is a bitch to read, but it looks good. Well, okay. -ish.

    Then again, I have been drinking...
  • both literally and figuratively.
    It looks like crap AND it actually looks like crap!
    Quite ugly, if they are using CSS anyway, why can't they make the theme toggle-able?
    ON: OMG that's crap
    OFF: B&W or somesuch but not vomit inducing/reminiscent
  • Of course, when you say, "Don't go there," I have to. Now I'm blind.

    The terrorists have won.

  • I don't know if I'm the only one this happens too, but when I get a visual stimulus as strong as that one, I kind of hear a ringing sound (just in my mind).

    That's just wrong on so many levels.
  • This link [slashdot.org] expalins how to avoid blindness on the slashdot site.
    be warned it takes you to the IT section.
    Just an fyi
    click my link please DarkThrone.com [darkthrone.com] This is a most worthy mmorpg that is in alpha testing.
    I love it, and Hope everyone joins.

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