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FortKnox's Journal: Writing Emails 9 9

Still banned, so places I would comment in Journals have been put in the form of emails to people. Several of you have gotten them (check your publically available email addresses, people!).

No word from any editor even though I've written 3 emails (even to my only editor 'contact'... not even a "sorry.. can't do anything" reply... nuttin). So I wait to see how long it goes...

Looks like rdewald has inadverdantly started a meme. Honestly, I eat well (we have to feed Joey nutritiously, so we just make enough for all three of us). And even since I gave up caffeine, it has really lowered my stress and headache levels (I'd suggest to get everyone to avoid caffeine... at least try it... order sprites instead of cokes, waters instead of iced teas, and juice instead of coffee in the morning). Now that I've been avoiding lettuce the stomach hasn't been bothersome since the hospital stay.

Not saying things are perfect, just that my eating habits, digestion, and GI track are doing pretty good lately.
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Writing Emails

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  • by MacBrave (247640)
    I was recently the victim of an IP/subnet ban and it lasted almost exactly 30 days.

    Like you I emailed the /. staff and received no replies. Not a very friendly lot.......

    • by arb (452787)
      I finally got some replies, but only after my third attempt at emailing (over 10 days) and only after CCing my email to and It didn't help - taco refused to even consider doing anything about it and wouldn't even let me know how long the ban lasts for, merely saying that it depends on a variety of factors. Hardly seems worth the effort emailing them...

      I'm still able to post from work using a proxy, which just shows how pointless the "ban" is -
      • Indeed. I am also banned from posting at home for no apparent reason and you can see from my Info page just how effective it's been.

  • Looks like rdewald has inadverdantly started a meme.

    In Japan! ;-)

  • Josh, Suddenly you are a foe of Chacham...

A memorandum is written not to inform the reader, but to protect the writer. -- Dean Acheson