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Journal FortKnox's Journal: GMail, Firefox 0.9, and Pizza 39

GMail: So who hasn't gotten an invite and such? They are giving out invites like mad (I'm out , but already invited 6 people), so if you don't have one, say something and I'm sure someone will hit you up with an invite.
bethanie asks "what's so great about it?" Sure, it is a fad, and the 1GB of space makes it really desirable. But, honestly, after using it, I'm thoroughly impressed. The 'labels' instead of folders (and being able to apply multiple labels), and the way it handles replies in a 'threading' manner really kicks ass. I actually had to pay attention to notice the ads, so they are completely negligible.

All in all, I really think it flows well with how emailing should be done. Hopefully this will redefine webmail.

Firefox 0.9: I'm not to happy with it. Granted, I have the release candidate, but its actually crashed (as in, shutdown completely) randomly, and the "Tab Extension" extension causes a crash on startup (BTW - Tab Extension is practically required IMHO).
Yeah, slashdot doesn't render well every once-in-a-while, but its the only site I go to that has had that problem... so I think it may be slashdot. Lets face it, its an old site design and Taco just mentioned he's looking at learning css. I'm not to worried about it.

Pizza: There's no place for fruit on pizza? So what do you use for sauce? (A tomato is a fruit[1]!)

[1] No, not a fruit on the vine, but veggie on the plate. No, not a veggie. It is 100% a fruit all the time. Why is it confusing? IIRC, it has to do when the US was importing it (in the late 1800s, early 1900s), and fruits had higher taxes than veggies... the US Courts ruled it was a veggie cause it was 'mostly used in salads like a vegetable.' That's politics for ya ;-)
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GMail, Firefox 0.9, and Pizza

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  • mail for Gangstas.

    G-money mail.

    Word up skillet.

    I'm cool like the other side of the pillow.

    And I'm tired. Wicked bad tired.
  • so I think it may be slashdot. Lets face it, its an old site design and Taco just mentioned he's looking at learning css

    Heh... nice to see he's only 4 years behind the curve :)

    I've had trouble with Slashdot in Firefox since I started using it at 0.7. It renders the bars long on the page and overlays them on top of the menu to the left. It doesn't put any of the content in. This used to be a real nightmare because it happened on EVERY preview comment, but it does seem to have improved some.

    So, yea - it'

  • I posted some gmail invites on my journal, there are still a few left I think.
  • by Deamos (108051)
    I'll take an invite, you can send it to the address listed here on /. if you feel inclined.

    It would be nice to snag Deamos@ for it, but I'll be surprised if I do.
  • If I continue being impressed as I am with it and see how transition from beta to final release goes, I might use it almost exclusively. I really like the interface. Google still is the king.

    Tomato is definitely more vegetable like than fruit like. Most fruits have sugary sweetness in common. Tomato is much different.

    AFAIC this is all absurdist joking around anyway. I couldn't honestly give a hoot who puts what on a pizza regardless of my opinion on it. I just think it's fairly nauseating for me fro
  • Although Gmail looks interesting, I'm sticking with Yahoo for the time being.

    Because I have Yahoo thru SBC DSL I just got upgraded to a 2GB mailbox with no ads. They also recently redesigned the web interface and IMO it's pretty slick.

    Of course I have no idea what I'm going to do with 2gb space, but it's the though that counts......
    • Firefox 0.9: I'm not to happy with it.

    It's better than it was, but still has some squirrely behavior. I personally like Opera myself, and will probably shell out some cash for it in the very near future. It's not perfect either, but it works for me.

  • I've had good luck so far *knocks on wood*

    I don't use the Tab Extension, but did you make sure to upgrade it? 0.8 extensions do not work on 0.9.

    0.9 has worked fine for me yesterday on XP at work, and last night on OS X at home... no problems yet. Hoping the Luna Blue theme gets upgraded soon, I don't like the default Windows theme.

  • by Judg3 (88435)
    I'd love an invite! Someone shoot on to me at jeremy.pavleck(AT)capella(DOT)edu and I'll be forever grateful!
  • I'd love one.... email me [mailto]
  • Like, you know, a "fruit pizza", which isn't really a pizza at all, but more like a pie, with cream cheese and fruits on top, kiwi, strawberry, etc. And usually some sort of clear glaze. It's yummy. Here's a recipe [].
  • :::grovel grovel::

    If someone could forward 2 along to me I'd be much obliged. Thanks.

  • by Otter (3800)
    Well, I still owe you for the Orkut invite (thanks!!!!!) so I'll hold off on pleding for GMail. Meanwhile, I've barely used Orkut as, among other reasons, it's blocked at work. (?)
  • OK, I'll bite.
    Sombody send an invite.
  • lab16 at msn dot com
  • While late to the party to ask for invites, I'd appreciate one if I could get it. Mail me at [mailto].
  • I'd sure like an invite, too. I can imagine the utility of GMail, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Thanks!
  • If anyone has an extra gmail invite, I'm looking to join the party. Drop me a line at
  • insanecarbonbasedlifeform at juno dot com

  • by limpdawg (77844)
    If anybody has an extra invite, you can send it to: kkimmel cox net
  • by kormoc (122955)
    I'd be up for a gmail invite as well if anyone has a extra :)
  • What the hell.

    My crap mail (still check it) addy is:

    octd459 @

    I'm not waiting with a thirst that cannot be slaked, though. I've had the same major e-mail address through a local ISP for thirteen years, and Mac OS X Mail handles my spam with no ads, but it would be nice to try. I might even use it.
  • shadyrudy (at) iwon.c0m
    I hate to beg, but please!! By the way, I am writing this on a freshly downloaded copy of firefox 0.9!
    Thanks in advance.
  • I am totally jealous :-) Please invite me! leveck at yahoo dot com.
  • If we're still allowed to beg for a GMail account in here...well...I'm begging. :-)

Nobody said computers were going to be polite.