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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: Calling all KoC Players! 49

In kingsofchaos, I got the following message from "OverLordStriker":

Can you tell your officer PirogoethX to stop bothering our members please,

And my reply:
Excuse me? Perhaps you can tell me the point of the game? If you don't like getting attacked, don't play. Its as simple as that. I get attacked practically every 3-4 hours. But you don't hear me complaining about it. Plus I don't really control the guy, anyway.

Now, Pirogoeth, give us some links to his members so we can join in the attack fun (especially the newbies). Slashdot KoC... its time to harass and annoy someone to death! And I got almost 2,000 attack turns ;-)

Of course, OverlordStriker's commander is Lord Striker who is sitting pretty at rank #1 and a Hand Of God.... but would he waste attack turns on people annoying his underlings? Hell no! :-D
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KoC: Calling all KoC Players!

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  • by bethanie (675210) *
    Sounds like he might just be baiting you, FK. Watch out for a possible trap.

    Either that or bitchslap the guy into oblivion, baby!

  • He sent me an offer to join his clan and leave you as my officer. Of course I'd have to restart (he said so himself) but I'd be built up again so fast from his "Clan's click network" that it wouldn't matter. I politely sent him a reply back to "Go **** yourself."


    ps. FK, hop on IM sometime today. I have something you may be intersted in.
  • In your very first KoC JE, I used your link to sign up and I haven't logged in again since. Based on the JE's I've read I assume I've been beaten to a pulp by now?
  • I gave another of his officers [] a few attack turns. I assume BansheeOverlord will let OverlordStriker know...

    Let's see if they try to retaliate, with virtually no defense and no gold it's not like I have anything to lose if they do :D

  • I've been farming someone named tangyang for awhile. I got a message from a buddy of his asking me to knock it off. I promptly ignored him.

    Later I got a message from tangyang himself:

    please stop attacking me now.

    you already had enough gold from me, so stop it.
    i tell you, i'm in the strikerclan, nobody wish a mass attack happen.
    i give you a warning and this is last time.

    I mailed him back:

    Yay. So you're in the Striker Clan. Big whoop. I'm shaking in my boots? (Well, okay, I'm not actually wearing boots

    • What kind of resources do you need (that you apparently have) to get through tangyang's 167 dragonskins and a portcullis fortification?
      • 178 Excaliburs and War Elephants...
      • Tangyang has 5,353,125 defense.

        elephants and 100 dragons might do it... Elephants and 80 dragons won't.
        • I should hit that today in offense. Let the fun begin! I will have 5.46 mil in a few hours once I get my elephants, and I already have 128 excalibers. If only I were an orc, I would already be there!
          • I think I got elephants too soon. I must have mis-read the damn spreadsheet. I'm not swinging like I used to. This is a sad time to be an orc in my camp.
            • Did I send you the newest version? A certain orc pointed out to me that some of the formulas were a bit off. I'll send you the latest. Also, if you have wasted money based on my inability to correctly interpret what they meant by +33%, I hope that my posting of the striker clan link more than makes up for any wasting of money that you have done on my account.
              • oh absolutely! Actually, I think I may have confused your spreadsheet with another's spreadsheet; I may have taken their word for it as opposed to yours.
                • Sloppy got the formulas right. I was a bit off. The version I just sent you uses Sloppy's method and is dead on for trained humans. I also use it to estimate enemy defenses when I don't get the defensive action when spying. Just put in the number of dragonskins and then upgrade until upgrading isn't economical. Works pretty well.

                  Mine currently has some strange fields that are suited to my all-out offense strategy. Even so the numbers for defense are accurate now. Basically I keep buying Mithril arm

    • All my farms turned into dead accounts...

      Tragic, actually, 'cause now I have to try to find new farms.

    • Just got a message saying everything is worked out... to hell with that... tangyang's link so we can all join in the fun??
    • Come to think of it, I'll probably take yours anyway, as I usually do with people who write me begging for mercy.
      I like your attitude, Human. Do you have any Orc ancestry?

      -- Aramchek the Orc []

    • I am definitely working to make my army smaller. I've been doing it kind of in passing, but that small amount he took really got me to focus.
      I've got pretty good hit strength, so now I can build up some attacks and go crazy.

      I just get too excite sometimes and start attacking.
  • but would you mind adding me to your list, thanks

    Jersey_Mike []

  • Tonight I'll look for someone to nail.
    If we all attack Overlord together, we can cause some damage but it will have to be coordinated. ;-)
  • he's got an okay sized army (3x mine, but I'm trying to lose weight) and TRENCHES?! But my spies can't get anything on him.

    Lord Intron is weak at 700k defense, and Banshee is at 247k, Up_the_gas is at 556k, smoky death has 22k, OverlordStrikerOfficer has 20k.
  • I've been using this [] lately.

    Besides showing you optimal fortifications, you can also plug in partial data you get from your spies and it will try to decide if you can successfully hit your target or not. Pretty nice.
    • Good stuff. But it thinks I upgraded too quickly on my fortification and seige technology. I know that I didn't jump the gun because it would have cost me more to buy weapons to get the increase that I did than it cost me to upgrade. But it's still a very interesting tool.
  • Anyone with a high covert action (higher that 125,000) able to spy on this ray of sunshine []?
  • Why do I read things like this just after I spent all my attack turns?

    Anyway, if you want to annoy someone without spending a lot of attack turns, attack them several times with 1 turn each. I've noticed that there don't seem to be any fewer fatalities with one attack turn than with 15. Fun for the whole family. (Of course it helps if you're svelte little Offensive player like myself)

    • You are correct. The way to really annoy someone is to have all of use attack 5 times with only 1 turn. They will lose lots of soldiers. Of course we have to pay to repair weapons, but it might be worth it in some cases.
  • First of all, FK, you are welcome for singlehandedly increasing your number of troops by 50% in the last few days. How did I do it? After getting an offer to delete my character and join Striker Clan I befriended someone who has found a way to sneak in. Oddly this happened because I stopped farming someone after he asked nicely. i d=09654-124516 []

    That is the link to join. They have a clickmaster page that gives you links to click on. Even better they

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.