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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Not an April Fools JE 4

Just some funnies for yens all:


BBSpots take on the story AFTER the LotR.


Oh, and I was contemplating telling my family that my wife was pregnant again (wouldn't be a 'shocker').... with triplets (there's the 'shocker'). But, seeing bethanies reaction to a fake pregnancy announcement (if its fake), I decided against it.

Update: The Exorcist in 30 seconds performed by bunnies.
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Not an April Fools JE

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  • It'd be funny if *you* were pregnant!!


    Wait... why isn't anyone else laughing?


    • why isn't anyone else laughing?

      Have you ever seen the movie Junior []?
      The California Governor as a pregnant man... that is why no one thinks pregnant males are funny. That movie destroyed any joke about it.
      • Yeah, I saw it. Actually, I thought Ahhhnold was pretty funny, myself, but I guess it helps to have been pregnant to appreciate it.

        What *I* thought brought the movie down was Emma Thompson trying her hand at broad comedy. That was sad. Just sad.

  • This [] sorta applies as well, but only because of:
    8. Yo momma's so insecure, she makes an unpatched copy of Microsoft IIS look like FortKnox.

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