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It's funny.  Laugh.

FortKnox's Journal: Bill Gates Gets April Fooled... Badly 9

Journal by FortKnox
According to this Y! article, Bill Gates got a phonecall from two radio personalities from Quebec Canada, imitading Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Gates' aides didn't question the authenticity of the caller, and forwarded the call straight to Gates. Gates took it hook, line, and sinker. They insulted windows, invited Bill to some well known Canadian strip joints, and had a long ten minute conversation, all of which was broadcast tuesday evening.

Yeah... rejected. Heh, I can't believe it.

Maybe michael got ahold of it and still remembers me. I should start submitting anonymously.
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Bill Gates Gets April Fooled... Badly

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  • by JMZero (449047)
    You notice how nobody quotes what was said? Apparently that's because the conversation was boring, like -

    Them: "Tabernac! My Windows 95 just crashed. Curse whoever made it."

    Bill: "Uhhh, OK..."

    Prank calls are only funny when something funny happens. It would have been great if the guy had actually said something funny that Bill might have actually gone for - like "We're going to start taxing every OS sale, unless you give ME a little cut."

    As as Canadian, I think the real guy who got snubbed here was Chretien. Bill Gates wouldn't take his call for weeks. That's funny.

  • The title says it all.
  • I am so proud, I finally got one accepted...I have posted 9 gazillion stories for submission and FINALLY!!! one got accepted...I feel complete now...

    ok, it was cool to get one accepted, but it was an uninteresting read....about something I don't even use, but hey, my name will forever be linked to that stupid article....erm...uh, damnit, nevermind.
  • Okay, I know NO French. Here. Go to this link [] for the mp3. It starts about 35% of the way in.

    If it doesn't work, go to this page [] and click on the link below his Billness's smiling mug.
  • "Bill Gates Gets April Fooled... Poorly"?
  • Of course he had to invoke Celine Dion's husband, who himself was fresh off of an..indiscretion..scandal.

    Haha. It was great.

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