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Journal FortKnox's Journal: UT Mod, Open Source 4

Here we go. All interested in making a UT mod (mentioned earlier) that would be open source and "mission objective"-like, I just got the gears rolling.

I read Penny Arcade religiously MWF, and today's news discribes a great mod. I emailed gabe and said I'd love to use his idea, and he, in turn, posts my email address. So if you want in on the action (testing, skinning, level building, or coding), start commenting.

We need skinning and level building the most, the coding shouldn't be too terribly hard.

I'll start up a sourceforge project, and get a mailing list going. When that's all done, we'll be ready to go.
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UT Mod, Open Source

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  • by gmhowell (26755)
    Okay, maybe I'm a dope, but I don't have this game. Where should I be looking, and under what name? I assume UT is Unreal Tournament? Forgive me for being a 'tard when it comes to games.
    • Unreal Tournament. Its a few years old, but the mod scripting language is very flexible and OO.

      Relic makes the game, and if you wanna buy it, try and get the "normal" version (make sure its Unreal TOURNAMENT, and not just Unreal), not the "game of the year" edition, and D/L the updates. Should only be like $10 now.
      • Did a search via GameSpot. Only saw one place selling non-GOTY edition. What's the big deal with GOTY?

        Maybe I'll check Target/Staples/FuncoLand. They often have old crap.

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