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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Nationstates 33

BEHOLD! The Allied States Of HampsterDamn. The Three-toed sloth is our animal, and the concrete slab our currency.

Nationstates is a fun game about politics and developing a country the way YOU think it should be developed. Plans may be in to get all the /.'ers that play into one giant nation (I am in contract talks with SolemnDragon about expansion of her back yard).

Read up on it and join if interested. You got my nation if you wanna hollar at me in the game (though do give me your /. id so I'm not totally lost).
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  • Another beginner nation. 5 million, huh? Not bad. Well, behold the mighty Beerolution [nationstates.net]. I have been "playing the game for a while (even bought the book when it finally came out, so the marketing gag worked for me). I cannot stop now, because my nation is really old and really huge. And the taxes are enormous!

    I forgot where I was going with this so I will just say: Welcome.

    • Wow, never realized how in depth the game is. The site is written poorly, so I thought I may use my java skills to write a nice complete one. But I'd have to figure out the requirements which would take too much time.
      • I think that scale was the main problem. As far as I know the whole thing sprung to life when Max Barry somehow talked his publisher into handing over some of the marketing money for "Jennifer Government" so he could blow it on the internet. Then the author himself went on to create Nationstates.

        When I joined it used to be incredibly slow. So slow, in fact, that the hard-coded time-out in the first Safari beta (30 seconds) would keep me from loading the page in this browser almost all of the time. I don'

      • Hey, you know what'd be awesome?

        If you combined it with something like BRE and allowed warfare and what not.

        Once a day gameplay rules.
        • That's what I'm thinking. But the military shouldn't be controlled (at least, battle shouldn't). So only invade if you have the balls to. Then you have to deal with the UN, etc...
          • Do you know about Kings of Chaos [kingsofchaos.com]?
            I can't say it's written much better, but it is definitely battle oriented.
            BTW, disclaimer: If you click on the link and then select the correct number button it adds another soldier to my army.
            The idea is you can get officers, etc. and build clans.
            It's not bad for something written by kids in high school.
            I think they're getting ready to start Age 3.
            • Damn you, now I am invovled in 2 Nation-thingy web forum thing-a-ma-bobs...

              Looks cool though.

              Sean D.
              • This is my sad, sad life.
                Xaoswolf [slashdot.org] got me into KoC. My brother got me into NationStates, which I found others here doing as well.

                Oh, and with KoC, get your Covert Action up quick. It's more important than Strike Action and Defense.
                130K is immunity. The Forum explains a lot of this, but apparently is down right now.
    • Jesus, how long have you been on there?
  • All the damn goddesses of death and destruction are taken.
  • by robi2106 (464558)
    After seeing Dragon's, SW's, and now your's, I can't be left in the dust (baaaaaaaaaa). So like a sheep, I also created a loathsome republic to cause trouble in the world. Behold...

    The Nomadic Peoples of Caffeinastan [nationstates.net]
  • So now that several of us have funky nations... How about we get a region together?
  • I present to you the Democratic Republic of Honestland. [nationstates.net]

    "Words are very unnecessary: They can only do harm..."

    UN Category: Left-wing Utopia
    Civil Rights: Superb
    Economy: Fragile
    Political Freedoms: Excellent
    Location: The North Pacific

    The Democratic Republic of Honestland is a tiny, environmentally stunning nation, notable for its devotion to social welfare. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 5 million are free to do what they want with their own bodies, and vote for whoever they like in elections;
  • a few weeks back, but found only bored schoolkids playing it.

    Would be cool if there's a /. region or something; already formed, or being formed now?

    Any case, behold the Royal Sultanate of Jhumritalayya [nationstates.net].

    • Well, now there are bored Slashdotters playing it. Send a telegram to The Holy Empire of Solemndragons chosen to move to Solemndragon's backyard and join the fun.

      Don't forget to visit The Dominion of Lubriscia [nationstates.net], where the minks frolic and our citizens pay out their nookies at a rate of just 1% per annum!!

      • How did you get 1% tax? That's impressive...

        Sean D.
        • I'm not sure. Libertarian gov't with corporations bad, no need to rediscover spirituality, democracy good, a year of military conscription good, rehabilitation very bad... Can't remember the other categories, but basically trying to limit the scope of gov't as much as possible. I'm pretty proud of it. Not sure if it was my choices or just luck, though.

  • The Disputed Territories of Noelopolis is a tiny, socially progressive nation, renowned for its compulsory military service. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 5 million enjoy extensive civil rights and enjoy a level social equality free of the usual accompanying government corruption.

    The enormous government juggles the competing demands of Social Welfare, Religion & Spirituality, and Healthcare. The average income tax rate is 34%, but much higher for the wealthy. A very small private sector
  • The Borderlands of Potholia, [nationstates.net] coming soon to a backyard near you.

    Oh, and it's not that pot. Go driving in Pennsylvania in winter. You'll understand.

  • The people of Revendrey [nationstates.net] are ready and willing! hehehe. Waiting for the password.
  • There ya go.

    Now, we need a complete list of who's who.

    Maybe I should make one.
    • Just look at the "solemndragon's backyard" region (see SolemnDragon's JEs for the link). Write a telegram to her nation and she'll give you the pass. That's where all the /. nations are heading.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!