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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Definition of Slashdot-Think? 5

When I whine and moan about slashdot bias, bigotry, and slashdot-think this is what I'm talking about.

Yeah, he makes a point that Netscape won't collect your data if you had a Konqueror, but goes on to say its better to have a free/os OS?
WTF?!? That has nothing to do with the article at all. Open source operating systems don't avaoid this data collection, and are just a suseptable as the "evil" proprietary OS's. He's just saying the normal "Linux rules! M$ sucks!" and getting moderated up.

Off topic, folks. That's what it is.
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Definition of Slashdot-Think?

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  • by JMZero (449047)
    I'm the first to agree that Slashdot has an odd mindset.

    But in this case, the problem is much smaller in the open source world. If you can see the source, it's pretty easy to at least see whether your programs are collecting data - and even remove the offending function if you'd like.

    While every user wouldn't do this, enough would that at least the data collection wouldn't be secret.

  • Slashdot gave me mod points. Apparently someone was in a forgiving mood.

    :) I have to admit though, it's nice to see that its been moderated as a troll. Maybe some of the slashdot community is getting a more mature view of the world?

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