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FortKnox's Journal: Football: GASP!!!! 3

Journal by FortKnox
Dick LeBeau, most noted for his failure in Cincinnati, MAY go back to the defensive coordinator in Pittsburgh.

For those that don't know, LeBeau was a FANTASTIC coordinator already once in Pittsburgh. He then moved to defensive coordinator in Cincy (which he did another GREAT job), and moved to head coach (and failed miserably).

To have him return would be EXTREMELY welcome. He really knows how to make a fantastic D. The only other coach I'd really see become the new defensive coordinator would be Dick Jauron (if he doesn't get another head coaching job). Now if we could only lose Mularky and pickup McGinnis... *Crosses fingers*
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Football: GASP!!!!

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  • Hmm. There's a lot of defensive coordinators that failed as head coaches looking for jobs right now. Maybe that's why Cowher let Tim Lewis go? Not so much "Lewis, you suck, you're fired.", but more like "Tim, you're a good guy, but we want to take a shot at LeBeau (or Williams or Jauron), and we'd rather let you go now than string you along." Can't exactly blame Bill for wanting to put the blitz back in Blitzburgh, though. (/crosses fingers)

  • ... is also interviewing for a TON of head coaching jobs. Mainly cause he fufills the minority requirement. I hear the Giants are actually seriously interested in him, but he wasn't protected so Steelers let him go to pursue a head coach job. Mularky, OTOH, is protected and if anyone tries to hire him, steelers get compensation. I wish it were the other way around, cause Mularky sucks hind titty.

  • You'd have to make him Assistant HC, but he has great experience with the 3-4 defense and all that.

    Oh wait, he's a legit head coach candidate, and Bill Cowher won't stand for competition.

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