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FortKnox's Journal: Football: Tim Lewis Fired??? 13

Journal by FortKnox
Tim Lewis, defensive coordinator for the Steelers, was canned today (its ok if you missed it. All the sports pages are going gaga over the return of Joe Gibbs). This was a really bad idea in my opinion. The defense played well, its the offense that had problems. Honestly, I'd prefer Mularkey gone before Lewis (and I'm actually hoping Mularkey gets a head coaching gig somewhere, but I doubt that'll happen).

I wonder who will be the replacement? I'd really like to see Dick Lebeau jump in and take the job, but I doubt that'll happen...

Oh, am I the only person that thinks the entire ESPN football game announcers are complete retards? Seriously, they are the worst buncha idiots ever to call a game...
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Football: Tim Lewis Fired???

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  • All I have to say is ESPN hired Bob Davies and feature him on and on Saturday Game Day. Yea, here's a guy that given all the talent in the world barely mustered a couple of winning seasons at ND.

    ESPN is good with humor and reporting the news. They suck with actual game commentary.

    Of course, that doesn't rank as bad as hiring Pat Haden to do play by play for ND games on NBC. The guy is an ass. Oh and I hate him. ;)
    • ESPN is good with humor and reporting the news. They suck with actual game commentary.

      I like Joe Theisman (rhymes with Heisman) and the other dude (Patrick) but I can't stand that fat ass (McGuire)
      (note: I used to like Madden, now I think hes just a blubber mouth fool)

      I think most of the ESPN announcers do a great job on the NHL side.
  • Someone had to go after a season like this years. I'd rather see Mularky get shit-canned instead, but there are people interested in him as a head coach. I think the Steelers have him still under contract, so if someone wants him, they may get something for him. Not sure. If they fire him, they'll get nothing.

  • by Nidhogg (161640)
    Oh, am I the only person that thinks the entire ESPN football game announcers are complete retards? Seriously, they are the worst buncha idiots ever to call a game...

    No you're not alone.

    I hate listening to Theisman and Maguire. Listening to them talk you'd think they still play the game.

    I've lost count of how many times I've watched a game on ESPN and ended up yelling at the TV "Then put on a uniform and get your ass down there and do it! Moron!"

    It makes me feel better.
  • You're not wrong there. I've never played a single down of American Football in my life but I've watched it avidly (and covered games for a newspaper professionally) for the last 15 years and, without a doubt, the current ESPN trio is the worst commentating team I've ever seen.

    Last Saturday's Titans-Ravens game (Or was it the later Seahawks-Packers contest?) that they commentated on was an excellent example. There were at least ten plays where they either missed something completely (a foul, etc) or miscal
  • Pittsburgh had an offense? Where?


    Okay, and to post it for the third time this morning, yes, Joe Theismann sucks. Get him back with Joe Gibbs to get him "outta tha booooth".

    I don't mind Maguire or the nameless guy who does the play-by-play. They're not good, but I've heard worse. Much worse. Like the cock monkey who sits in the booth with them. I think Theismann makes Maguire worse than he otherwise might be. I feel like Maguire is *my* voice in the booth, going "Joe, shut UP!"

    We're coming to the e

  • Turn on tv
    Use sunday ticket to find best game if bears aren't playing.
    Turn sound off.
    Turn on stereo or cd player.
    Relax...until the Bears do something stupid.
    Scream profanity-laced tirade at TV.
    Cry into small tear-soaked pillow.
  • Good broadcasting crews:


    • Dick Enberg and Dan Dierdorf (the fact that Bonnie Bernstein is the sideline reporter doesn't hurt them... :oD )
    • Almost anyone and Solomon Wilcots


    • Dick Stockton, Moose Johnson, Tony Siragusa (even though Stockton is lapsing into senility at times)
    • Anyone and Brian Baldinger

    What is it about O-Linemen and DBs that makes them so uniformly above average color guys?

  • Seriously, it's a wussy game where everyone just runs about with wimpy body armor on. Real men play Rugby, without body armor and no cheap forward passing.
  • I've been a Steelers fan for a long time and this was a painful season. But I am pretty shocked at the firing of Tim Lewis. I don't think Timmy is running bad schemes; but these schemes don't work with the personnel on the field, particularly at cornerback. I do think that the safeties are playing better, but need more time in this system (ie Troy Palumula (sp) )

    And I actually like the ESPN crew better than about any other TV game crew. Moose Johnson does a good job, as does Aikman. But can it get mu

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