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User Journal

FortKnox's Journal: Spooooky 12

Journal by FortKnox
Thanks to heliocentric for notifying me...

Looks like Cincinnati just got back on the map. The plane is landing in the international airport which is to the SW of Cincy (covington, KY). I work downtown, and live on the east side, so I think I'm a safe distance away, but this is some scary stuff (I work in one of the like 4 skyscrapers in cincy).
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  • by mekkab (133181) *
    Fucking lamerz.
    Even I know about electric motorcycle warmth-wear (wow, what a great name for a band!).

    All this "caution!" has only one effect- turning peoples stomachs on Air Travel.
  • The terrorists are winning..........This sort of stuff is shameful and hard to believe.

    • I haven't left work, not even quaking in my boots. Just found it a bit spooky that its so close to home is all.
      • Naw. I am not scared. Just disappointed that this sort of thing happens in the name of undefined fear. Come on now, electric heating elements in motorcycle jackets have got to go back almost twenty years. To pull someone off a flight and then escort that flight with fighter jets for something that should have been x-rayed and confirmed within 10 minutes is sad.

      • Hold on!
        • Your chance of winning the Powerball grand prize [] is much higher than getting killed in a terrorist attack.
        • Your chance of getting killed in an auto-wreck on the way to work is much, much higher than winning powerball (slightly over 40,000 people got smoked [] in 2002).

        So, the next time you get nervious about terrorist-infested planes, walk to the nearest 7-11/Diamond Shamrock and get yourself a lotto ticket. :)

        Check out the real odds [] of terrorism.

  • According to reports, a woman was removed from the flight before it took off from Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport because she had a coat with wires protruding from it.

    The coat turned out to be a motorcycle jacket that works like an electric blanket, and the woman was booked onto a later flight, WLWT reported.

    Officials were notified after the woman was removed "out of an abundance of caution," a U.S. official said.


    See my latest journal [].

  • Woman taken off Paris-to-Cincinnati flight []

    A woman was taken off a flight from Paris to Cincinnati on Tuesday because of suspicious wires in her coat but security officials later determined she was not a threat.

    Still, out of an abundance of caution, U.S. officials said they planned to re-screen passengers and baggage aboard Delta Flight 43 after its landing, scheduled for around 3:40 p.m. EST Tuesday.

    Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Jenifer Marty said the plane would be kept away from
  • This sort of stuff would be enough to give you a case of the jitters, especially working in a "skyscraper".

    In these days of heightened security and terrorist threats, people should think a bit more carefully about their conduct and atire before boarding a plane. I have some friends who think it would be a hoot to wear their Mac "bomb" t-shirts to the airport, or commenting "Gee, I hope they don't find the semtex in my luggage" while going through the check-in counter, "just to see what happens". If they en
    • a right cannot be limited without being eliminated. look it up.

      Get a fscking clue people! Do you have to wear that particluar jacket? I don't think so.

      do you know anyone who rides a motorbike? i suspect that you have never owned any leather garments. the primary reason motorcyclists wear leather jackets is for abrasion protection (which is why i snicker at folk riding in denim), and i cannot think of anyone who owns two. as an added bonus, a leather jacket that fits well because you've worn it in is

      • a right cannot be limited without being eliminated. look it up.

        What rights are being limited or eliminated? Fuck you and your so-called "rights". No "rights" were being violated here, unless there is some innate right to be a "right fuck-wit". (Probably your favourite right and the one you choose to live your life by.)

        do you know anyone who rides a motorbike? i suspect that you have never owned any leather garments. the primary reason motorcyclists wear leather jackets is for abrasion protection

        I do
        • whoah. no, i'm not a gun nut, and it's the first time it's been suggested that i might be. i might have to mark this on my calendar. you'd probably have to shoot me to get one in my hands. )i'd rather you didn't try, though ^/^) mmmmphft. gun nut, i'm only a canadian looking on in amazement at what's happening just a few short miles from me.
          i suppose your argument ad hominium is warranted, seeing as i made unwarranted suppositions about your knowledge. sorry.

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