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Journal FortKnox's Journal: One Thousand Comments... 6

Today I broke 1000 comments with this comment.
I guess michael must really hate that I am a slashdot user!!
For his "need to get out more" comment, I must say, I'm 25, husband to a great wife, about to be a father, work for a great company, enjoy my work, and mostly use the computer only at work...
I'd be interested to compair my so-called "horrid" life with his...
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One Thousand Comments...

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  • Oh, wrong story...

    Dude if you are like me, you need something to keep from going insane at work. I have checked /. from home MAYBE 3 times in my life. One was when I saw Taco on TechTV [], another was when I finally got Linux online [], and another time when I was really bored.

  • Still not sure why he holds such a deep grudge against the content providers on his site.

    Say, when is the child due?

    • May 19th, but wife's diabetic, so she'll be induced on the 10th (unless she goes into labor earlier).
      • Cool. My son was born on the 24th. About a week early. Her OB really does not like doing sections, so he induces pretty quickly. Hope all goes well. (BTW, notice that childbirth classes are a freakin' joke?)

        Oh, might want to check my journal on buying clothes for junior.

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