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First Cloned Cat in Texas

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  • there has to be a good joke in there somewhere
  • What the heck do you need to clone a cat for? I see a dozen ads in my small local paper every week advertising giveaways. Geez, why not clone rabbits, hamsters, or fruit flies?

    And yes, that cat is evil. All cats are evil. Including the four or so I have owned previously, and especially the one I have now. Currently, she sits in her bedroom, plotting how to kill me in my sleep. I know this. The look is in her eyes. I think she doesn't do it, because I keep THE BABY away from the cat. Of course, the cat would probably like to kill THE BABY first, but she is afraid of it. Too sticky, too fast, too unpredictable.

    My dog outweighs the cat by 25 lbs. My cat looks at the dog the same way a lion looks at a weakened water buffalo.

    I never understood how people could want tigers as pets. "Oh, they're just like housecats" they say. That's the problem. My cat pretends to like me. She purrs, she lets me scratch her, she sniffs the kitty-dope (catnip). And, sometimes, just because she feels like it, for absolutely zero reason, she'll take a swipe at me and bite my hand.

    Yeah. I want a 500 lb tiger who acts just like a housecat.
    • Don't ever turn your back!

      I knew a man, he had a cat and made the mistake of turning his back.

      They found his shredded, dismembered body some months later when the cat box really started smelling...

  • So, if this cat is safe, why is it that the doctors are afraid to touch it [] without gloves and masks? Hmm...

    I don't have a bad feeling about this. Let science march on. Let discoveries be made. The more they get comfortable with genetics, the closer we are to eliminating disease, etc.

    Let them play god. The "other one" doesn't seem to be around to give a cloned rats ass. :-)


    PS. The thing is cute.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." -- John Wooden