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Some Slashdot Fun

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  • by Saige (53303)
    Hey, thanks to the pointer to my journal. :) I wouldn't be suprised if it works with other/all slashboxes at the moment.

    Better hurry people, it may not last long...
    • It appears to have just gone away. My "games" and "yro" just worked.

      Oops. Stopped working again. This could last for days!
    • I have science and askslashdot slashboxes, and they work. The games and yro are the only ones that aren't for me (and I just added yro... normally I stay away from it).

      And if it 'appears' to start working again, that's probably just a cache, hit reload for the humor. :-)
      • yeah...I want to mod my YRO slashbox (which I never look at but just noticed yesterday) +3 funny, but i'm sure michael would mod it back down to -1 as flamebait.
  • by Abm0raz (668337)
    My journal dittos that with YRO.

    Anyways ...

    Vote for Marey Carey ... she puts the 'head' back in 'head of state'!

  • Were I in California, I'd have a tough choice. On the one hand, Mary Carey [] supports legalizing Ferrets (and since my other third is called Ferret, that obviously has to be a consideration). But on the other hand, Trek Thunder Kelly [] has such a compelling manifesto that it's hard to argue against him (her?)

Yes, we will be going to OSI, Mars, and Pluto, but not necessarily in that order. -- Jeffrey Honig