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User Journal

FortKnox's Journal: Lack of Updates... 1

Journal by FortKnox
As per my other journal, you all should know I've been busy with my own personal webpage, and work really has me tied down (EJB's given me headaches).
Anyway, I figured I'd invite everyone of you to marotti.com. I invite everyone that has a journal to feel free to publish info there (keep it kinda clean, please). I am trying to make it into somewhat of a community, and you're invited to join.

Please note, my site is *not* slashdot. I see your IPs, I know you emails (I won't sell them, of course), and admins do the moderating. I will delete any trolls, ban troll IPs, and contact abuse for trolls. I don't feel like messing with it, but its bound to eventually happen. Other than that, I'd be happy to have you all over there.

I will continue to run my journal like normal (when life for me goes back to normal), but most of the regular stuff that I don't include here will go their.

I'd kinda like to encourage the "rejected articles to journal entries" community to publish at my site, also. You won't be rejected by me :-)

Addendum: I do have a slashdot box on the site (with all the current articles), and a built-in RSS, so if I get a community, I'll get a slashbox for the site.
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Lack of Updates...

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