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Poo news (not Whinnie the)

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  • That is why I keep my toothbrush covered. I don't want any poo particulates on my brush.
    • oh my god! I was just thinking about you yesterday! I miss your JE's but its good to see you alive.

      Also- that's why I keep the toilet seat down while flushing- you would be shocked and amazed at how much toilets "spit up".
      • No doubt.

        Although I wasn't thinking about Mr TTR....heh.

        Anyway, good to hear you are alive, TTR. Now, where the fzck ya been?
      • how much toilets "spit up".

        Well those are called "Buh-dayes", or if you want to be cultured and spell it correctly, bidets. [] They even come in varieties that have pulsing and oscilating action!

        First time I saw one, I must have been 10-13 years old. So I cranked on the lever and it shot straight up and hit the ceiling!

        • as funny as that is, I'm talking about The brainchild of Thomas Crapper (ohmiGAWD what a name!) himself! Especially industrial toilets, like public toilets... those bastards get you wet- standing a good 3 feet away!
          • Man I wish I had one of those at home, instead of these stupid stripped down 1.5gal tanks. Oh if I were only Canadian! Then I could have a full 3 gallons of power to usher away my donation to the sanitation department.

  • Remember, folks... smelling something is when tiny particles of the substance travels up and stimulates the nerves in your nose.... ewwwwwwwwww.... ;-)

    So, uhm, exactly how does this work when sniffing bethanie's panties? ;)


    • Hummmm interesting question. I suggest you perform an experiment to determine the results. Then let us know.

      Don't kill me bethanie
  • Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen in my hometown []...
  • by Blackneto (516458)
    Quit eating your boogers and you won't have to worry anymore...

The next person to mention spaghetti stacks to me is going to have his head knocked off. -- Bill Conrad