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FortKnox's Journal: Joey Photoshop 8

Journal by FortKnox
Well, I was bored today and without most of the internet, so for kicks, when I got some quick time with the internet, I submitted a pic of Joey into fark for a photoshop, thinking it wouldn't get accepted.

It did.

So, hopefully, I'll have a whole slew of entertaining pictures to have of Joey... here's hoping. Actually, the first photoshop submission is Joey getting mauled by a bear (kinda disturbing, seeing as it is my kid), so here's hoping there will be funny ones that won't keep me up at night... ;-)

Oh, it will come up on the frontpage at 08/26 01:24AM EDT with the title "Photoshop Farker FortKnox's kid in his sweet Hawaiian shirt"
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Joey Photoshop

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  • Me and my newfound Totalfarkness are going to ROCK that PS.
    Holy shit...!

    um, yeah right. /got nothin
  • The way Joey is holding his hands... that is seriously just waiting for a joint addition.

    I was thinking of doing a Columbian drug-lord scene, but I don't have the time. Anybody else, feel free to jack the idea.
  • those legs in the background.
    Sure you want Aarkieboy to get ahold of them?
  • i don't usually react like, er, well, a woman, i guess- but your kid is so wonderful! I'm biased of course by the fact that my baby bro- the one with all the piercings, not the one in NYC- looked an awful lot like that at that age, and since i spent most of my childhood bringing HIM up (i was 7 when he was born) i'm now easily influenced by kids with that combination of blond and cute and conscious (you know, when you look at a photo of the kid and it actually looks like someone's home in there? vacant-look

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