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Ethiopian Shim-Sham

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  • Yeah, it sucks (Score:2, Interesting)

    Even if you didn't like his work, you can't deny his contribution to popular culture.
    Especially History of the World: Part I [].
    Rolling Papyrus.
    The Vestal Virgin scene.
    Great stuff.
    • Heh, that's where he performed the "Ethiopian Shim-Sham" ;-)

      Where are you from?
      What part?
      154th Street
      • Hey, Josephus!

        Hey muthafucka...

        He was also in a movie called "loose shoes", which was a from a line in a song in the movie that went "Tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit". Something about all you needed in life. Pretty funny line, but weird movie as I recall.

        I loved his work, pretty much all of it. His dancing blew me away, and he always seemed like such a kind, gentle person. He will be missed greatly, by me if no one else, which I know is not true, but I'm just saying.

        • You shoulda probably started it off a line beforehand....

          Give to edipous! Give to edipous! HEY Josephus!
          Hey muthafuka!

          • It's been TOO long since I've seen that movie, which is why I didn't remember the Oedipus line. I just remember "HEY Josephus!" and walking by on the sly "hey muthafucka..." So SO good. Damn, I wish either Mel would make another brilliant movie (I guess he was carrying the comedy world on his shoulders there for a while, though) or someone would step up into his shoes. Very big shoes, I realise, but those kind of laughs and intelligent (?;) comedy are needed.

            I'm telling, you, between Time Bandits and Hist

            • Actually, I bought all the old Mel Brooks movies on DVD in hopes to get 'extras'. The only one that has extras, though, is spaceballs (directors commentary). But I was sadly disappoint. Mel isn't funny AT ALL in the commentary. Actaully, its quite boring :-(
              • Well, you've gotta figure then that he got all his funny out in the movies!

                If he's not funny, what does he talk about? That seems odd.

                And I'll probably buy HotW,PI anyway. It's just too good to not have around. Besides, my daughters will need to learn their history someday! ;)

  • Here's hoping that he may rest in peace and go on to whichever better place he may have believed in. He was a great artist, powerful actor, and cool guy.
  • SolemnDragon has written a great obit [] today.

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