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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Lets get this crap together 5

OK, sending out an email for the draft with the emails supplied on our fantasy site.

Some people are on vacation, so I'm not going to go nuts trying to get everyone to make a pick in a certain amount of time this week, but you guys need to be ontop of things (and next week, I'm putting the hammer down, so make sure you have things setup to be able to email from whereever you are!!!). If you have an email address that you can get to throughout the day, use it (or if you need to put in multiple emails, use them).

When you get the email, use "reply to all", send your pick, who's next, and add any email addresses you need to the list.

For newbie help, top 100 players from KFFL. This will help you determine who to grab in the first few rounds. Keep in mind it does NOT include defensive people, but those will probably start coming in in later rounds. This is the front KFFL Fantasy Football Page with other lists (like top QBs in ranking order, etc...). If you have any questions or need advice, this is the JE to use.

Next FF JE will be results from all the rounds (I'll do round one, then update it at the end of round two, etc...).

Just remember, this is a keeper league, so, although Rich Gannon had a killer year, he only has a year or two left in him, whereas someone like Charles Rogers will be around for several years (he can also be a bust, so don't go all young).
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Fantasy Football: Lets get this crap together

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