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Anonymity At Risk, Take 2

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  • It's petty and offtopic, but I can't resist sneering at your for deleting the journal entry that was the parent of this comment [slashdot.org]. I think when you accuse people of "censorship", you're projecting a bit!
    • I deleted all the articles that became slashdot stories. Seeing that I was being petty by complaining about it.

      I've also noticed that you are readily insulting me, but come up with no alternatives. It appears that you are only posting to start flames, and I'm biting on your trolling efforts.

      And you'll also notice that I never post articles about "YRO", nor do I say that this is a censor-free journal. Slashdot does.

God helps them that themselves. -- Benjamin Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac"