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Free Windows XP Pro (or XBox/PC Game)

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  • It's "while supplies last". Everyone that announces it is decreasing my chances of getting Dungeon Siege free.

    That's not terribly bad, as chances are already pretty close to nil (SlickDeals is pretty popular...)
  • by Xerithane (13482)
    Nice deal, but shit this survey is long.

    I'm going for MS Money, I felt the irony was too great.
  • *rubbing hands together*
    Isn't this great!

    Thanks for the link. We'll see if I get a copy of XP Pro.
    It's worth a shot.
  • Mech Warrior 4. They probably still have it. Was torn between that and AOE, but I've had enough RTS for a while.
  • Thanks for the linkage! I had a hard time choosing between XP Pro (most expensive product I saw... I'm hoping to resell it, if that's allowed) and Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries (Possibly my favorite game series ever (Lemmings and SimCities in close competition, with MOO 1-3 coming in 4th)), but I went with the OS...
  • by glh (14273)
    Thanks for the link FK!

    I went with Mechassault. Actually a lot of the choices were pretty lame for the XBOX games... but hey, it's free and I'm getting really tired of Ghost Recon.

  • by subgeek (263292)
    i'm too late, it's expired. if only i had realized how important your journal is. oh well.
  • Thanks, but no thanks. I don't like getting free stuff. Free stuff sucks. I'd much rather pay for it.
  • I went for Visio, hopefully they'll still have a copy around.

    And since I don't want to miss an opportunity to vent and rant: On the question where they asked how their documentation could improve, I entered something like "No-bull product/technology overview", "Get the marketing people away from the documentation" and "Document how things actually work, not how you wish they'd work"

    Those three are my major gripes with Microsoft products (Which I use to 95%, yes, I am a Microsoft Certified Sleezy Drone).

  • anyone still have the url for the deal?
  • Is this like the time my friend forwarded this email to 10,000 people to get a $500 check from microsoft? Or the coupons from [NICE RESTUARANT] that will print out on your printer if you forward the email to 10 or more people?


  • I got this email today (as I'm sure at least a few others did)... oh well.


    You recently participated in (or inquired about) a Microsoft online survey promotion from a website where the offer was posted without Microsoft's permission and without complete entry information. Accordingly, we regret that we cannot accept your response as a submission that qualifies for the free software offer.

    The promotion was designed for and open only to persons who, for business reasons, use or work with e-B

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