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LOTR World Premier Tonight

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  • Am I the only wondering if the internet is going to come to grinding halt on the 19th as every single techie takes the afternoon off to go see this movie?. And this isn't the classic U.S. centric view of the internet, as the movie is being released simultaniously in America, Australia and Europe I believe.
  • This wasn't posted, yet seemingly every story about Harry Potter was?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    Maybe you SHOULD start a /.-ish site.
    • yeah, the past two articles in this journal (not my personal entries) have been rejected on a slow news day. They'd rather talk about cheap boxes, and put in 3D artists for a hook, (who here hasn't heard of than anything I post. They still might be sour about my other postings, lately.

      I posted a request for author 'ask/.' to see if I can get some of my complaints answered. We'll see where it goes...

      Maybe I'll use PHPNuke as the basis of a /.-ish site.... I dunno if I have time to whip out a J2EE servlet site with struts...

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