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Journal FortKnox's Journal: For First Timers

Since I have another published article (tied for first in hof!), I'll write a quick note to those of you visiting my journal for the first time.
You know how people often say "There are much better articles out there, why is /. posting this crap?!?!" Well, I've done something about it. I'm posting all my rejected articles up in my journal. Comments are always enabled, so feel free to comment on each article.
Its like a sub-culture within slashdot. Come here when there is a slow news day, and maybe you'll find something interesting.
One thing you may notice is that I'm a bit of a Katz basher. But today, I'll do one better for the /. authors! To find a replacement, try Slant-Six. One of those magazines that only publishes original content (from unpaid volunteers). And several of those "original content" authors can write about 15X better than Katz. Some even have a grasp of new technology. Anyway, its a great place to read opinions and stories.

Addendum: I was about to ask "What are they waiting for??", but CmdrTaco need an excuse to post this article. So my article, accepted at like 10am, hasn't been posted yet. Same old slashdot...
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For First Timers

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