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FortKnox's Journal: Worlds Fastest Coaster to Debut 1

Journal by FortKnox
According to Y!, Japan is giving people of view of Mt.Fuji on the worlds fastest rollercoater. "Dodonpa" will start running late December of this year. It boasts to reach the max speed (106.8 Mph / 172 kph) in two seconds. Yikes, what's the odds of passing out on that?
FYI - The second fastest (also the tallest) coaster is the Millenium Force at Cedar Point. Will this bring out an international coaster competition?
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Worlds Fastest Coaster to Debut

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  • Nitro over at Six Flags in NJ has this insane near vertical drop (a few of them). Woah...that ride was nuts!

    First time I went on Batman & Robin (when it first opened) I thought I was gonna piss my pants. The thing went 0-80 in like 1 second. 0-102 in 2...that's gonna be nuts. Hope it doesn't give anyone heartattacks.

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