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Hey guys...

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  • by Tet (2721)
    Want to go to Chotchkie's?

    Uhhhh... had to google for that one. Never heard it before. So what's up?

    • by FortKnox (169099) *
      A direct quote from Office Space []. Pretty much required watching for anyone in IT or anyone who works in a cube-farm...
      • Long story short: We have a fax/printer/copier in the office that has been nothing but a pile of grief since a lightning strike took out all but the copier function, which was always a big PITA even before the incident. Anyway, we all hate the machine, but since I'd bought a new toner drum just before the "downgrade" I insisted we use that up before we junk it.

        Well, whaddya know, this is the toner drum THAT WILL NOT DIE. It recently showed signs of being almost near the end, but we already had one fal
        • by Talinom (243100) *
          When you guys take the machine out to pasture make sure to wear eye protection to protect you from the inevitable flying debris.

          Heck, if more machines die you could off each of them differently. Blanket party, thrown from bridge, bunjie jump from bridge with solid rope, drag behind car, encase is cement "shoes" and drop off of local pier (don't film that one), fire, gunshot, shotgun and electrocution.

          Film them and we will watch.
  • brought my own. Is somebody having a case of the Mondays?

  • but I gotta redo these TPS Reports because none of them have covers and now it looks like I have to work Saturday... You know what though let's got to TGI Friday's make fun of that ugly waitress with the fat nose.
  • Superman 3. Totally underrated movie.

Take your work seriously but never take yourself seriously; and do not take what happens either to yourself or your work seriously. -- Booth Tarkington