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User Journal

FortKnox's Journal: Five Years.... 18

Journal by FortKnox
Wow... Yesterday marked my five year anniversary of writing online journals. Looking back I can see everything from the birth of my children to my days as a thorn in the side of the slashdot editors to my current general apathy of the whole thing to when the 'JE circle' people started forming... Wow... I've been doing this for five years and you suckers have been reading it most of the time ;)
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Five Years....

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  • I resemble that remark!

    See my journal regarding if this is a liability. Points to ponder.

  • It seems like just yesterday when you were that thorn in the editor's side and you were accused of being a "kid that just posts to slashdot all day" since at the time you had like 2500 comments. Back in the day when I never bothered to create a user ID because I couldn't think of a nickname, and ended up with a handle that I don't like after a lan party.

    Those were the days...
    • by FortKnox (169099) *
      Ahh... the old michael 'you have no life' quote. I'll have to find and relink that. Yeah, that was when I had the HUUUUGE 1.2k comments ;)
      • remember Jon Katz? Man that guy could start a flamewar like nobody's business.
        • by Mantorp (142371) *
          Is that the same guy who was on NPR this morning talking about his book about a dog?
          • by FortKnox (169099) *
            NO WAY! Yeah, he has a whole slew of books about his dog....
            He wasn't a terrible writer, just not with the slashdot culture.
          • by tonsofpcs (687961)
            Ah, more reasons not to listen to NPR.... jk really, we have an NPR station on campus here, I'm thinking of getting a position there.
  • by nizo (81281) *
    My third year of journal entries came and went a week ago. I was another one of those slackers who hid in the shadows, mostly just reading, and then spending time on the frontpage, before getting jaded and spending most of my time in the journals. Damn I know I have been reading /. since the late 90s; how so very sad I feel now. Oh, and Yehawwww! [deviantart.com].
  • Lesse..

    First comment that I apparently felt the need to create my own account for was this:
    http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=16659&cid=1962 805 [slashdot.org]
    On 25Mar1999, making a bit over 7 years, for a total 2474 comments, before this one.

    I believe, sir, that gives me the longer Slashdot penis. Though, not necessarily as thick as yours.
    • by Tet (2721)
      On 25Mar1999, making a bit over 7 years, for a total 2474 comments, before this one. I believe, sir, that gives me the longer Slashdot penis.

      Ha! I laugh at you and your tiny Slashdot penis. My first comment after creating an account [slashdot.org][1] was 1999-01-05, 06:38. But I didn't write my first JE until a few months after FK.

      [1] Naturally, I held off from getting an account for as long as possible. Why on earth would I want one of those? Commenting anonymously was working just fine for me...

      • by ryanr (30917) *
        Interesting, you're #2721, fairly low. I think Slashdot had existed for a bit at that point. But only about 2-3 months later, I'm #30917. I guess it was taking off pretty good about then.
        • by Tet (2721)
          Interesting, you're #2721, fairly low. I think Slashdot had existed for a bit at that point.

          Yep. Chips & Dips became Slashdot, and then existed for a while (a couple of years? can't remember) before the login system was introduced. I held off for a while (a few weeks? a couple of months, maybe) before getting an account, but I remember it picking up very quickly shortly afterwards.

  • I actually wrote my first blog before they were even called blogs - back in 1997. But I only started keeping a Slashdot one in late 2002.
  • It will be my 5 year anniversary... Not that I ever had the same amount of readers as you did ;-)
  • how much money we've made while reading and writing on this website. ;-)
  • We're waiting for the next fotokon. Heck, I would have sent in a few pics my sister took for a hallowe'en one.

    Well, next time, count me in.

    • by FortKnox (169099) *
      Arb kinda took control... I was working on something to get a fotokon going, but if arb's already got one, I'm not going to work on the same thing...

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