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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Since I was up the past few nights... 10 10

Since Joey has been waking up (teething) the past few nights, I reminisced to the days when the wife was pregnant. She is a type-I diabetic, which means its a high risk pregnancy. Many people ask "Why?", so I just wrote a doc explaining it. Bad part? Its poorly written and in the editing queue on kuro5hin. I'm sure to get hammered for it.

Anyway, if you got some time to kill and are interested, the link's up there.

BTW - Yeah, baby tylenol and baby oragel are already in our medicine chest. We just don't like to med him up. Only when he really seems in pain.
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Since I was up the past few nights...

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  • How about using some whiskey. It's been a home remedy for years. Just take a few shots, and I'm sure that you'll get to sleep for a full night.
    • ROFLMAO!!!

      Caught me off guard.
      For those that don't know, a home remedy is to rub the gums with whiskey to numb them. I suggested this to my wife and she nearly bit my head off.
      • Might I suggest you give some to her first then...
        • From Experience I can tell you that the first child makes women nutz. Throws all their hormones outa whack. They get strange IDEAS.
          Some want to do everything perfect without regard to common sense.
          After the third one it's smooth sailing. The rough edges are polished off, she realizes more things can be let go for the luxury of a few more minutes of sleep.
          If you do put some liquor on the gums make sure its sweet, like some port wine or schnapps, it won't burn them as much.
          Orajel is probably better but it doenst have the knockout effect :P

          -Blackneto, expecting his 4th in feb :(

    • Check a tube of oragel, it is ~15% alcohol, it just doesn't go down as smooth as 7 year Jim Beam (my bourbon of choice)

      <rant class="alcohol">I don't see why Turkey is at a premium, but to each his own. Turkey/Beam is not quite as bad as the George Dickle []/Jack Daniels impromptu taste tests I spring on people when I get a chance. Why pay Maker's Mark prices for Tennessee Whiskey, when $12-$15 fifths (Beam money) you get a better tasting product, both for mixing and sipping (If you want a sippin' whiskey, dickel is the absolute way to go). The real sticker shock comes when buying handles, at $25(Dickel) vs $45(JD), there just isn't any competition.</rant>

      Maybe I should do a JE on whiskey, seeing as it is harvest time here in KY, and time to start "Making that mash and talking that trash".

      • I'm an Elijah Craig fan, myself. It's expensive, and hits ya pretty hard. But a good sippin whiskey IMHO.
        • It is good, but I believe the good reverend would take offense at his name being attached to a product that didn't knock you over with the fumes these days.
      • I wish I could drink bourbon again.
        I got sick on it at a Xmas eve party several years ago and cannot even drink whiskey sours made with it.
        So now I stick to Captain Morgan for mixing and single malt Scotch. Anything but Islay, the peat doesn't do anything for me.

        • I wish I could drink bourbon again.

          Try building up slowly.

          You should be able to mix some into a batch of cupcakes. Eventually, you'll either weigh 227 kg, or your tolerance will be back to normal. :)

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