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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Thurr Dee 27

Since I'm in external training today and tomorrow without the net, I thought I'd write this late tonight for tomorrow.
Yeah, 10/19/76 (or 19/10/76 for our European friends).

Its funny to look back at life... I remember calculating back in high school when I would turn 30. 2006 seemed like such a long way in the future. Little did I know how quick it'd pass.....
I didn't even think about what I'd want to have accomplished by 30. It wasn't until after college I set goals. I've exceeded most of them.
Have a house, wife for 5 years, and two great kids. I'm balding more than I'd like and have enough greys that I gave up on plucking. Better than most at my age, but I was hoping to be in management by now. Guess I'll have to just wait a few days on that. Starting Monday I'll be the tech lead and chief architect for our next big project (biggest project we've had for a good three years). I'll have two people under me for the project, and my boss has been setting me up for this for months. Can't wait. Funny, too... you know that external training I'm taking? "Improving Leadership".... didn't know it'd be timed like this ;)
Anywho, its not a 'real' promotion, nor a 'real' management/supervisor role, but its enough to prove what I can do to move into those 'real' positions...

Anyway, my wife did what I hate this past weekend, and threw me a surprise party. I hate being the center of attention, but still had a great time. This would explain my last JE (for the record, I have far too many podcasts, now), as I got a few great presents, like the new iPod Nano my brother gave me (Thanks, J). I actually was going to detail the party, but lets just sum it up as I was completely taken by surprise (which is quite an accomplishment, cause the wife has a tendency to give EVERYTHING a way... like telling me the ending of a movie as soon as she finishes watching it), my sister (and brother in law) flew in from Atlanta, old college buddies drove in from out of town... it was just nice catching up with everyone.

Oh, although I'm not quite 30 yet, I'm pretty sure it feels just like 29 ;)
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Thurr Dee

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  • A few hours early anyways. I hope it is a good one.

    I have a birthday this week too. On Friday. I don't think I will get any surprise parties though, as I am going home for the weekend, so things should be calm. I don't much like parties.

  • ...in advance. :-)

    For management, I've been reading a good book, Danny Meyer's Setting the Table [amazon.com]. Meyer is perhaps the most successful restauranteur in New York City; the book is partially a memoir of that career. But it goes well beyond that, into his philosophy of management based on trust and hospitality. There are a few things that are unique to the restaurant business, but most of it will translate to any environment. Highly recommended.

  • Having completed my "Thurr Dees" in December I can honestly say that they were the best decade of my life thus far.

    • by johndiii (229824) *
      I'd have to say that about my "Forr Dees", even though I'm not finished with them yet. :-) Onward and upward.
  • Oh, although I'm not quite 30 yet, I'm pretty sure it feels just like 29 ;)

    Except that as soon as you turn 30 your gutt expands by 20% and the rest of your hair falls out. Luckily some of that hair will take root in your ears; I am hoping to grow my ear hair out long enough for a good combover.

    Oh and congrats on surviving another year!

  • Once you turn thirty, you're not trustworthy anymore, you know. ;-)

  • I'm only 1 year and 11-ish months behind you so I have a lot of catching up to do to hit and management position. But considering that I just started my new career, I should expect a 5-7 year gap before the next bump up.

  • In two months it'll be my turn to go for the big Three-Oh. Didn't accomplish what you did though....

  • Snce eye now yr eyeste s goin bd nw dt yr thirtay, eye fgrd eyed spll rong cuz u wudnt notc neway.

    I heard Polident works great. And I'll make sure to pick up some Depends for you next time I'm in Cincy. ;)
  • by ces (119879)
    I swear ...
    • Yeah, what he said.

      Though I once asked my Mom (she was in her 70s at the time) what it felt like to be old. Her answer was that in her mind she still felt like she was in her early 20s, but her body told her differently.

      I think it was the same conversation where I asked her when were you "too old" for sex.


  • You're still only 0x1E in hex. A mere teenager.
  • Happy Birthday!!!! I turned the big 30 this year.. your right, it doesn't seem like that much older, but somehow you feel like you've reached a milestone and aren't as "young" once it sinks in.
  • Spankin's all around!

    Happy b-day, big boy. :-)

  • Happy birthday. :^)

    (It's also my niece's 14th birthday today. Crazy October birthday time, I tell ya.)
  • Check your email. heh heh heh heh heh
  • Anywho, its not a 'real' promotion, nor a 'real' management/supervisor role, but its enough to prove what I can do to move into those 'real' positions...

    I took on a project management role almost 2 years ago when the previous guy left the company, and while that didn't involve a promotion or "management" role, it was the main qualification that got me the job I'm in now, which was a major step up and does qualify as management. Keep up the good work...
  • Or are you gonna run?
  • For whatever reason, I had assumed you were a few years older than me. Lo and behold, you're a few months younger. Amazing the filter that the internet lays upon people.
  • i think 31 feels more like how i thought 30 would feel, although at first it felt just like 30 actually felt, which was exactly like 29.

    anyway, happy birthday mr. my family's italian food doesn't have any oregano. it sounds like you're doing well even if it isn't exactly what you expected.
  • Sounds like your midlife crisis is years away, yet :)

  • Hope you have a great day!
  • because as of today, you are Untrustworth. I cross over to the other side in a couple of years, so we can pick back up then. ;-) Just kidding, old-timer, don't get your depends in a bunch!
  • 30 felt a lot like 29, but watch out for that sneaky 31.

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