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FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] Week 1, What have we learned?

Journal by FortKnox
Been waiting to put this up... lessons learned from week 1:
  • Pittsburgh is still the champ! Ousting the Dolphins convincingly WITHOUT Randle El and Jerome Bettis. Defense looked as strong as ever, and the Steelers proved they were deep at QB and WR.
  • The Dolphins aren't a Superbowl contender. Looks like the win streak at the end of the season was a fluke. Culpepper did break down (as much as his O-Line). New O-Coordinator and D-Coordinator changes things around in Miami.
  • The Ravens are for real. As long as Steve McNair stays healthy, the Ravens have their D and have an offense to help score points instead of help keep them in the game...
  • The Pats have finally fallen. While they beat the Bills, Tom Brady didn't look like his old form, and the WR core has fallen apart.
  • Philly's offense is SUPERPOWERFUL! Donte Stallworth wide open? Wow!
  • The Jets (Chad Pennington) look HOT. Defensive guru Eric Mangini makes an offensive juggernaut?
  • Detroit has a heck of a defense. Shut down the Seattle offense? Its only a matter of time before Martz makes the offense strong...
  • Seattle gets the superbowl jinx? No TDs vs a mediocre Detroit defense? Sounds like they'll be another Superbowl contender that chokes the next year (Shaun Alexander is on the cover of Madden, btw)
  • Arizona has a high powered offense! All the offensive weapons have finally come together!
  • The Colts are still good without James. Beat a strong Giants team!
  • Oakland is a joke. Aaron Brooks is a joke. Al... time to step down and get yourself a good GM.

No comments, cause this is a two-parter...

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