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Any Java folks....

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  • I just wasn't meant to be employeed there at that time. They liked me, I liked them, salary was decent. They lost a client and had programmers sitting on the bench. Why bring in someone from another state and pay for relocation when you have employees you are already paying a salary to that aren't billing any hours? I don't consider it a bad company if they make sound business decisions, even if those decisions happen to fuck with my finances. Now if a company makes a descision based on the opinion of
  • I'd raise my hand and send a resume.

    I am very much looking to relocation sometime within the next five years... New Jersey has gotten to be way too expensive a place to live.
  • ... and I'm a pretty damn good Java developper. It's the commute that kills ;-)

  • I've been looking for a coder to help out with a ton of work I've got too. We should compare notes and see which side pays better. (Caveat is that the position we've got is only hourly at this time.) We're based in CT, what state are you in?

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