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FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] McNair is a Raven 3

Journal by FortKnox
Argh... As you probably know, I root for 3 teams (in the following order or importance):
1.) The Pittsburgh Steelers
2.) The Cincinnati Bengals
3.) Whoever is playing the Ravens.

I hate... HATE... the Ravens. I hate how their team has horrible criminals... I hate how their defense thinks its still the bomb... I hate their swagger.
I enjoy Kyle Boller.
I enjoyed the fact that Brian Billick, the 'offensive guru' was about to get canned because he never had a decent offense since he was head coach. But McNair will probably delay said canning until he gets injured again (hey, McNair's chest is peanut brittle. I'm surprised he isn't fearing for his life with each hit he takes. That can be a dangerous injury!).
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[NFL] McNair is a Raven

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  • In his column this morning he said that Baltimore was essentially inheriting someone else's problems. I don't think this is going to help the Ravens in the long run. They might get a QB who can play now as opposed to Boller who still needs seasoning (if not more), but it'll be interesting to see if Vegas puts an over/under line on how many games he plays;-)
    • not to mention that he may eat up a lot of cap space. he he, what the hell is oz dong over there?

    • Boller is a failed experiement. He's an NFL backup, at most. Time to bring in new blood.

      Keep in mind that the Ravens didn't want Boller... they got stunned when Jacksonville nabbed Byron Leftwich, who they wanted, and had to make a quick pick and took Boller.

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