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Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

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  • I got my son (and me and the wife) a bag of brachs/smuckers jelly beans, and they were pretty darn good too, considering that I hate jelly beans. But they had good texture, not too squishy, and great tastes. Probably not as good as your pear ones though :-)
  • to make pear flavor jelly bean. most flavors are that way, except vomit, which is made from pizza.

    jelly belly focuses on using real, natural flavorings :) that's why they just plain taste better*. and cost so much more.

    *= except 'vomit' and 'dirt' flavors, which people buy for the novelty i suppose.
  • ... are also made by this confectioner. You can find my review of the flavors in this special Harry Potter-related mix here [] :)

    Mmmm, grass.

  • If you're so into the flavor and texture of pear... Why not just eat a PEAR?

    I don't get it.

    • Not quite in season? And I don't do canned fruit or veggies... only frozen. And I've never seen frozen pears.
      When they are in season, though, you bet I'll be stocking up!
      • Interesting as Pears seem to be availible year-round in the supermarkets here.[1]

        FWIW I've seen frozen pears as well, though they mostly seem intended for use in pies and the like.

        [1]Supposedly they are using the same techniques[2] used for long-term storage of apples to store pears so they are availible year-round.
        [2]Basicly stick 'em in a temprature and humidity controled fridge under nitrogen or other inert gas.

  • I can never tell which flavor it's going to be until I've eaten the jellybean. If I could, I would certainly be avoiding the bubble gum and licorice ones.
  • I visited the jelly belly factory in the walnut creek area (another is in chicago). Sadly I missed the factory tour :( but it looked interesting (anyone else seen it?). Plus they had a huge selection of jelly belly merchandise, including a gigantic barrel of reject jelly bellys. Mmmmmmm, reject jelly bellys......

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