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FortKnox's Journal: A Slight Solution To My Gaming Woes?? 10

Journal by FortKnox
I went to my parents house this weekend. My sister has a playstation and never uses it. I have a dreamcast and only play NFL2K2 with it. She likes Crazy Taxi, and I never really played any PSX games. I offer the trade, she takes it without hesitation.

Now I brought home my new PSX, and I finally get to try out Metal Gear Solid (after I go and buy a used copy for $5). After that, I'll get Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill. Any other really captivating games you guys suggest for the PSX?

Maybe something for the wife? She prefers "tetris" and games that are relatively simple, fun to play, and easy to walk away from after playing a little bit (no plot to drive you to play longer... basically the opposite of what I'm asking for).

Best part, is all the PSX games will give me slight leverage to get a PS2...
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A Slight Solution To My Gaming Woes??

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  • My roomie owned it, I beleive it was called monster rancher, basically, it is a good way to study genetics while building cartoon gladiators. Part of the fun was digging through your CD collection to see what creature would be generated from that Guns and Roses UYI2 as opposed to UYI1
  • Really like the Puzzle Bobble games (or Bust-a-Move, or whatever). They're a little wierd, but they're fun games.
    • I gotta get me a Neo-Geo for that reason. The money I could charge my friends to play magic drop would probably cover the expense of the box. Then I could play Twinkle Sea Sprites all day long...
  • If not, that's also a great reason to get a PS2. "Look honey, its not just a game machine, it will play all our DVD's and CD's"

    If you do have a DVD already, you can consolidate. Perhaps you could sell your old PS1/DVD/CD players for a "down payment" toward the PS2.

  • if you like racing games at all, you might try wipeout3. it's one of those futuristic hover racing games. you also get weapons. it's only about $10 new most places.

    it's old now, but i still enjoy pro skater, though i play it a lot less since i got pro skater 3 for pc.
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is pretty slick, too. If you have problems finding Metal Gear, let me know and I'll send you my copy.

  • Why don't you just buy a PS2? You can still play all the old PSX games, with the added bonus of being able to play PS2 games.
    • There comes a time when you have to determine what's important to you (wife and child, saving up a deposit on your house), and what can wait (PS2). I complain about it all the time, and make these little "leverages", when, honestly, its just me trying to stall myself into going out and buying stuff I shouldn't be.

      Once we secure enough for a nice house, however, I'll probably splurg on myself.
  • Get Crash Bandicoot: Warped (aka "Crash 3") ... Be sure to also get Crash2, because if you're really good at Crash3, you can beat it 105% in less than a week, and Crash2 is quite a bit harder.
  • Maybe something for the wife? She prefers "tetris" and games that are relatively simple, fun to play, and easy to walk away from after playing a little bit (no plot to drive you to play longer... basically the opposite of what I'm asking for).
    My dad plays freecell all the time. And I mean, it is his default mode of time-wasting when he's sitting at the computer. I was the only one interested on computers at home, till we got a desktop that was powerful enough to install win95 back in 1997. Things went downhill from there. Now there's some resentment when I want to be on the system for hours playing some RPG for hours on end. Go figure. He used to like tetris too, but there was something about videogames that never attracted him, so he never played anything more than 20 seconds. Seriously, the controller was passed back to me as soon as he got killed, which in Mario Brothers time is just that...

    Videogames were my family comes from were just too underground-culturish before Nintendo came out, so I think simple games make things easier and you don't have to read a lot anyway. I think people don't like to be tied to rules or anything that reminds them that there is a mission or plot to the game (if they are playing a virtual game, already, I guess they don't want it to be real. Go figure!)

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