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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Random Ramblings 10/10/05 10

Game: I've decided to go with Call Of Duty... make that I will go with Call of Duty (due to vacation and stuff, won't be able to purchase it until after I get back... which is then my birthday and hopefully my wife will also get me Civ4, so that I'll be satisfied with the games I have until well into the next year). Played the two demos. Really impressed me. Load times were fast, and it was a team game on single player. The mission flowed perfectly, with your captain calling out orders on objections not only for you, but for others. If you try to be the hero and rush the nazis, you get overwelmed, quickly. You have to work with the AI players to win. Only pet peeve is that while I'm trying to pick off machinegunners while laying on the ground, the AI teammates have a tendency to walk and stand right in front of my while I'm squeezing the trigger. I'm also a bit worried that the game may be a bit easy. The two demos had us rushing into Nazi territory and taking over... wasn't terribly difficult, but I have a feeling that trying the Russian campaign may be a bit more difficult...

Vacation: Leaving tomorrow after work to travel to my parents in Medina, then Wednesday is my flight from Akron to Boston, then my inlaws will be taking us from Boston to Maine. I hear they have highspeed wireless, so I'll have my connections up. I also plan on restarting a Medieval:Total War game (playing the Muslims this time and will journal my conquering of the Christian infidels). The trip back is the bad part of the trip. Not flying out of Boston until late, and will be driving from the Akron airport home. Will be getting home around 1-2am. I hate driving that late, especially since it will be the early hours of my birthday (but the wife has assured me that I get to sleep in on my birthday) :)

Incredible: Watched the Incredibles with my son again this weekend. Is there not a better soundtrack than The Incredibles? The screaming horns and the jazzy bits... really top notch stuff. Love the credits music. I may have an mp3 of it....
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Random Ramblings 10/10/05

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  • There's a reason that The Incredibles is among them.
    • What are the other 9, if you don't mind me askin...
      • She just owns ten copies of the Incredibles.
      • Trying to do this from memory...

        The Fifth Element (used VHS)
        Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles II (very cheap used VHS.)
        Austin Powers (used VHS)
        National Lampoons' Christmas Vacation (used DVD)
        Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (new DVD)
        The Atomic Cafe (new DVD)
        Weekend at Bernie's (free DVD with pizza purchase)
        I think there may be 1 or 2 more.

        Yes. We went on a crazy shopping spree in the Half Price Books clearance video section one day. :^) I also own two television series on DVD, but I didn't count them as mo
        • The Atomic Cafe, huh? Is it that cold-war based documentary on anti-communist propaganda in the US? Really disturbing stuff and one of my two favourite documentaries (the other one being The Fog of War).
          • Yes! Thank goodness for the internet. I saw it in high school and had been wanting a copy ever since. I finally found it online at Amazon or BN.com. I love that there's no narration. The material really speaks for itself.
  • by blinder (153117) *
    when you drive past the cambridge exit (assuming you are taking i-93) wave towards the west... we'll wave back!

    yay for vacation :)

    have a nice vacation 'n stuff :D

  • A while back bro had downloaded the demo. He let me borrow his computer on the night that I had to stay up really late for the "sleep deprived EEG."

    I had the volume turned way down, so pretty much the only thing I could hear were guns and explostions from the tank fire. As for the AI... I killed them all. It was like 2am and they all started looking the same, so any dude that looked at me ate lead. Unfortunately Captain Foley (or whatever his name was) noticed, and ran up to me. I shot him too. H

    • You can't kill Cpt.Foley, cause he'st he one dishing out the orders. Upon my third time going through the first demo I thought about this and wondered if anyone would take command (or, gulp, I had to) if Foley died. So I pulled out my Tommy gun and let him have it. Nothing. Dropped a grenade at his feet... took out about 6 of my buddies, but Foley still lived. If I play again tonight, Foley will be my skin shield ;)

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