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FortKnox's Journal: A Site... of journals? 12

Journal by FortKnox
Pinball Wizard got me thinking about my plans on a portal/slashcode/personal site and combine it with the whole Com2Kid idea of the slashdot journal subculture thingy...

What if there was a website based around journals?

Most of us end up posting to journals more than the slashdot main page, anyway, why not make a page BASED on journals, and give journals more functionality and features? Maybe that is a better future for (or maybe I'll dish out another $7 and just buy a domain that its more adaquate)?

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A Site... of journals?

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  • Well, the Live Journal [] page is based on open sourced soft ware that is available to download, so you could start there, or perhaps use the code for the slashdot journals.
  • I always thought that the best part of marotti was the original contact. The geekgirl stories, gmhowell's parenting stories etc. I think that the smaller nature of the journal community allows for more "intimacy" much like in the BBS days.

    BTW, how did you make out on parts buying over the weekend?
    • that should read
      I always thought that the best part of marotti was the original content
    • Got a great deal on a motherboard+cpu+memory. Looks like my server will be a nice Duron 1200. That's 10X what it is now (pure MHz, not FSB or anything). ;-)

      I still need a harddrive, but I might be able to swing one early september.
      For now, it looks like the site code I'm thinking about will be worked on on my main machine to conserve space. I like the sourceforge idea someone mentioned, too. I may just do that.
    • I didn't know anyone was reading my parenting stories. Might need another one soon. Probably something along the lines of "Your child is smarter than you much sooner than you think".

  • i've been working with a friend of mine on an idea like this. the problem is how to overcome simple hypertext and really create a stronger network, if you will, between the various authors.
  • There are quite a few journaling sites out there. I don't like them...I like the ones on /. for a couple of reasons (which I can't really sort out, so they're gonna come out in one giant blob o' text)

    The /. community exists around a central point -- this whole news for nerds thing is important. We have a common context; reading posted articles, bitching about and commenting on rejected articles, it's got a geeky feel to it which we were all searching for. I think it's important to note that the community isn't here because of the journals - the journals support the community.

    I'm not sure I'd visit a site full-o-journals just because it was there. I know I don't poke around any of the live journaling sites now; I have no reason to do so. I visit journals on /. because of a shared context; someone will comment intelligently on something that I've written or that I agree or disagree with (be it in my own journal or in a story) - and the journals develop from that context. I think it would be hard to do without the context...

    It would be an interesting experiment -- I just think that the central context of /. is incredibly useful in keeping the community together.

  • but like daoine said... there still needs to be that conversation starter. It doesn't even have to be news, per se. Maybe discussing something that was news a few years ago... i.e. ``remember when...'' Or maybe some obscure computing fact or history tidbit. Just as long as there is something to fuel the conversations. If everyone is talking about what was said on /. that day, they will wonder why the don't just use the /. journals.
  • I used to do some blogging, but it got kind of tiresome, because I hate recalling the details of my life to type it down. If I have to force myself to type it, then it's probably not worth reading.

    Making the journals a bigger part of your web site should help it out, though. So it would be good to develop your idea.

    One thing that I wanted to suggest to /. was to send all rejected submissions to the person's journal, unless, of course, they are submitting as anonymous readers. Whenever I ask a legitimate question or post a good story, I don't want to have to keep track of it to see if it will be accepted. It should just go to my journal and /. [or in your case] should just inform me when it arrives. This way, there is no cutting and pasting for later.
    • One thing that I wanted to suggest to /. was to send all rejected submissions to the person's journal, unless, of course, they are submitting as anonymous readers.

      Did you want to suggest this just to the /. administrators or to the /. user base as a whole?

      (phrasing makes it unclear. ^_^ )

      I already copy down my story submissions to my journal, but then again I have submitted all of, err, three or four stories (100% rejection rate so far, woohoo! Some stories I thought about submitting but then thought "nah that would never make it!" some other user of course submitted with success)
      • Did you want to suggest this just to the /. administrators or to the /. user base as a whole?
        I just wanted to suggest it to the /. admins, because I never knew that we could suggest it to the /. user base as a whole. Any ideas? I typed that out, I just thought of something that might be better. Perhaps, everytime someone makes a submission, /. code/software should just automatically post it in the user's journal. After that, the /. admins and editors automatically get a notice of the submission. After that, the editors or admins could put a story summary as usual on the front page.

        Another idea, is to just have journal entry pages, and have a check box that says "Send Copy to Editors", right next to "No Score +1 Bonus" and "Post Anonymously".

        Even if they don't like it, what do you think about it? Is it feasible?

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