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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Job Title 15

I was taking over support for a coworker when someone had an issue. I wanted to call her, personally, so I looked her up on the corporate web phone application. The phone app brings back names, locations, phone numbers, and titles.
Her's comes back... I dial it, then laugh uncontrollably seconds before she answer.

Her title? "T&A Specialist"
I know what I want to be when I grow up!!! ;)

For the record, I work in Retail and Manufacturing for the current client, not someplace shady ;)

Update: To make the story boring, I've found out that it stands for Time and Attendence. Usually, they go by "TAA" to not sound so bad, but apparently this woman doesn't mind ;)
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  • There's an S&M Tools company in my town.
    • Probably a wholly owned subsidiary of these guys. []
    • There's an S&M Tools company in my town.

      Hrm. To think I thought being called the S&N (Systems and Networks) team had problems...

      (Sadly, under new manglement, the whole IT outfit is being rebranded - by the new boss, who can't see why the servers aren't all running Windows. I see great pain in the immediate future.)

      • " the new boss, who can't see why the servers aren't all running Windows. I see great pain in the immediate future."

        For whom - you, or your boss?

        Read, and be enlightened []
        • For whom - you, or your boss?

          Fortunately, I'm not in that department any more, so most of the pain will be for him - although the network problems it'll cause will still affect me a little. As long as the DNS and file servers are alive, I'm not too bothered, and we now have contingency plans for dealing with those as well - but it's still going to be an ugly scene over there...

    • Up until recently, the place I worked at had a "Sales & Marketing" department. When they spotted the abbreviation, it got renamed to "Marketting Communications and Product Sales".
  • fallen
    Software developer
    Product Implementation Group.

  • .... is she hot?

    shush... now titillate me!
  • One form has to be signed off by an "Ass Man". I'm assuming they want an assistant manager to sign the form rather than a proctologist...

    And the web app I work on has a T&A module - unfortunately it is "Training and Accreditation" though...
    • I've seen "Assistant Director" abbreviated as "Ass Dic"
      • A friend of mine once rejected his first batch of business cards due to an embarassing abbreviation of "Programmer/Analyst". (Though I have to admit, he was quite anal about certain coding practices so it was kind of apt...)
        • was it pro. anal. or prog. anal. :)

          • For some reason, they only abbreviated the "analyst" part, so he was a "programmer/anal"...
            • My roommate and I in university worked together on a theatre production where we were both up for the position of assistant director (to a special visiting guest artist) and the job of business manager was the other position left, which neither of us wanted (he because that's the job he always got, being a double major in business and theatre). So we invented a shared positon of Co-Assistant-Director/Co-Production-Manager which we abbreviated as "CADtle Prod."

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