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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Try something for me... 19

Write some code, make sure it compiles, then send it off to the production server without even running it!

Now you know what its like to be a slashcode coder!!

Seriously... how can you put code in that doesn't even display comments and fouls up the journaling system (comments are on, but you can't comment... at least not right now).

A small... TEENY TINY testing routine could really solve this.. but they don't have time with all those stories that have to go through and make sure they edit them and make sure they aren't dupes... and all that anime they have to watch........
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Try something for me...

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  • Does this roundabout way of getting comments into a journal work?
  • onesy twosey seesme commentzy.

  • I haven't been hav)($£()($$£ p


    According to the Slashdot messaging system, Chacham just posted two 404s in reply to a post of mine. Strange, that...

  • At the bottom of your journal I got the "Nothing to see here..." message.

    I think Taco mentioned that there is a testing server and it's public, but people don't come over and test bugs on it, so they don't catch some of them...

    It took a little while, but I came up with a solution...

    Test it yourselves.
    • I'm sorry but I just really can't see why the slashcoders can't do some basic functionality testing themselves before putting new code into production.

      For that matter since this is a web site some perl scripts could test out most of the functionality, including performance under load, before sending the code to the production server.

      Almost every real professional web site does real testing prior to rolling out new code.
      • commander taco suffers from the same problems i have my friend ;) that's why as easy and simple as it may seem to you it becomes nearly impossible for taco.

        but he's got a succesful website, and i have nothing to show for my dysfunctional ways. but we've both worked at taco hell. ;) heh.
      • I guess my wild pronoun switching got me into trouble. I meant to infer that they should test it themselves since no one seems to use their "live test" server.
  • Monkeys.
    • Your response has injured my pancreas. My pancreas of JUSTICE.
      • Justice is important, but it is trumped by the primacy of MERCY. Bow before my mighty flamin' sword of MERCY!
        • MERCY is the sign of a Great Man! *stabs you in the stomach with my pencil of Greatness* I guess I'm just a good man. *stabs you in the stomach with my pencil of Greatness^WGoodness.* Oh, well, I guess I'm okay.
  • Lets see you do any better! Its easy to criticize one measly mistake and be a neigh-sayer. But this culture of critique is what's destroying our society and whats wrong with america today. This is a quality professional website. Where do you get off laughing at a hiccup? If this is how you feel you are more than welcome to go down to your recruiting office and volunteer for Iraq!!

    • Mekka! I'm seeing you more over on the better side of the web [] than here. You switchin, or just read both?
      • I've almost completely switched (as one can tell from the above flame bait attempt?) but not really.

        Meh. However I had a good idea for a JE so once I take some pics, compress them, and itarweb 'em, I'll be posting a gadget BLOG entry on the dot.

        Blog. Yeesh.
  • Even better - we do test, but half the nuff-nuffs here think testing means logging in as SysAdmin and trying a couple of basic functions on the dev server - if it works, roll it out into production. Unfortunately what they fail to understand is that the SysAdmin user in our system bypassess all the rights checking, so when our users try to use the new functionality they discover that either they can't access anything, or they can see everyone's personal information.

    Then there's the issue of only ever testin
  • BTW, how's Unread coming along?

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