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FortKnox's Journal: Happy Birthday V--ger! 4

Journal by FortKnox
Today marks the day the first Voyager probe was put into orbit. Its been in space 25 years (almost as old as me!). Its on its way to the heliopause (hopefully it'll hit before it runs outta juice), and soon to hit Termination Shock.
Here's some links for you astronomy types:
/.'s recent story about the probes
What Termination Shock is (/. version)
Today's Yahoo story about the anniversary
NASA's Voyager site Complete with pictures of the heliopause and tons of info.

I'd post the info for a new /. story, but the first link was just a few days ago and explains everything from the anniversary to heliopause, so, even if it gets published, it'll be a complaint of a repeat. But I am into the 'space thang' so I thought I'd bring it to your attention :-)
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Happy Birthday V--ger!

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  • The termination shock, nearly 4 billion miles inside the heliopause, is where the solar wind first starts to slow down and reverse due to its first encounters with pressure from interstellar space."

    Pressure from intersteller space?

    *looks confused as hell*
  • ... the StarTrek movie
  • I like that stuff, so the links and information was helpful. I'm sort of a space nut.
    • Ditto, and I dunno why.

      It's been rather recent, but I think its because I'm living far enough away from the city that when I walk the dog at night I can see EVERYTHING. I was never one to 'look up', but lately, I've been able to pick out planets and the picture of the mars rover just made my imagination go wild.

      At home, my desktop pic is a pic of the family, but at work, this is my fav, a picture of the Jupiter moon Io [], with Jupiter in the background, taken by the cassini probe. Look at it maxed out, with no compression (under the options button). It has so much 'depth'. Great desktop pic...

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