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User Journal

FortKnox's Journal: Nizo! The weekend is yours! 4

Journal by FortKnox
I declare Nizo the new champion of slashdot and the weekend is officially his for helping me get my email system to work!

Thanks a bunch dude!!

(FYI - how did you figure all that out? Did you actually telnet into the port and do everything by hand?)
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Nizo! The weekend is yours!

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  • that, and nmap is much better than telnet ;)

    well, i'm just a bit psychic too so I figured id answer for him
    • Actually I did use telnet :-) And I haven't had a single problem since setting up my postfix mail server over a year ago; postfix is awesome. Just set a few lines and it works. Take a look at a sendmail config file someday to realize how nice postfix is :-) Now wish me luck in packing (I move to my "new" moneypit Monday). And boooo to comcast for making me wait over two weeks to get my high speed internet at the new place :-|
      • The last time I looked at a sendmail config file is still giving me nightmares my friend. That was well over 5 years ago...
        • A huge part of the problem is sendmail was written ages ago when half of the places people wanted to send mail didn't have direct connections to the internet; when people used things like uucp, bitnet,decnet, etc. So everyone had weird addressing schemes and forty funky gateways/protocols they went through to get/send email. Plus the config file was a mish-mash of some kind of horrible incomprehensible scripting language that could do just about anything (including bake bread). When people went back to rewr

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