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FortKnox's Journal: Wow, cetan is really pissed at ACs! 4

Journal by FortKnox
Check out this, and all the AC replies. (FYI - the parent post is mine (feel free to read it).

Now anonymous cowards reply violently (as they normally do, sometimes) and I get blamed?
The guy (cetan) seems like a pretty intelligent chap, but, wow, is that paranoia!

I rarely post anonymously, and never to 'attack' someone. I guess I'm just surprised that someone is taking AC's so seriously (and my name's involved).
Its one thing when people attack what I say. I can take that.
Its another when someone makes a name like "Fort Knox on" and pretends to be me and fools some people (at least I can reply and say "look at they UID!)
But someone claiming an AC is me rubs me the wrong way, for some reason... bleh, maybe its because I'm reading slashdot after work...
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Wow, cetan is really pissed at ACs!

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