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For Bethanie

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  • now I want to beat parents who do that to icky little pulps!
    • No, please, ellem -- leave the nice breastfeeding ladies alone.

      Thanks, FK. :-) That was cute.

      Sometimes I am outraged at the controversy over breastfeeding, when there are *so* many other things to harass parents about!

  • That pornstar whore, showing off her titties like that to that innocent babe!


    • Where? WHERE?

      I'm sorry, I've been thinking with my willy again. Then again, if I didn't think with my willy, what else would I think with?



    • That's right, God forbid a woman uses her breasts as the Creator intended....wait a second, since God allowed us to create formula, that must mean the whole breast thing is now sinful...I am confused!!!!

      Please oh please note the sarcasm and don't flame me...
  • Although I would *never* complain. Let's face it, I'm a guy....

Anything cut to length will be too short.